Fann Wong's S$88 CNY bakes sold out in 2 hours, 1,200 sets snapped up

The bakery is now focused on fulfilling its current orders before deciding if it will release a new batch.

Mandy How | January 11, 2022, 07:04 PM

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Those hoping to get their hands on Fann Wong's Chinese New Year (CNY) goods will have to relegate it to their... fanntasies.

The set, which launched on the morning of Jan. 8 Saturday, sold out within two hours, a spokesperson told Mothership.

It was sold online via Fanntasy's website. In total, about 1,200 sets were snapped up.

Photo by Mandy How

Each set comes with three items, and costs S$88:

  • Orange Pineapple Tarts (12 pieces/tub)

    • Tangy pineapple jam layered with French orange candied peels.

  • Brown Butter Almond Nibs (10 pieces per tub)

    • Browned butter cookies with almond nibs, shaped like ingots.

  • Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake

    • Pound cake with lemon zest, orange peel and mascarpone cheese. Topped with swirls of cream cheese and diced French candied orange peels.

Everybody's curious, so we calculated it: 1,200 x 88 gives us a whopping S$105,600 in revenue.

Outside of the set, only the Orange Pineapple Tarts are available for a la carte ordering, at a price of two for S$48.

Fann has previously mentioned that she is working with a licensed baker to replicate her creations, so that Fanntasy can scale up.

The bakery is now focused on fulfilling its current orders before deciding if it will release a new batch, the spokesperson added.

What's it like?

Thanks to the perks of being in the media industry, we got to try the sold-out set for ourselves via a media drop.

Those who have ordered it will receive their bakes in a baby blue box, similar to Fanntasy's packaging for its tarts.

Photo by Mandy How

Photo by Mandy How

Even before purchasing the snacks, you would have realised that its flavours are not as conventional, especially for the cookies and pineapple tarts.

Taste and quality-wise, they're definitely above average, although we did wish the pineapple tarts were more buttery.

A very close up. Photo by Mandy How.

But the question, as always, is: Is it worth the money?

That depends on what you're buying it for.

If you'd just like to have some goodies ready for guests or indulge in some casual snacking during the festive period, there are more wallet-friendly options out there.

But as it turns out, even bakes have designer versions, so if you're buying it for the brand and prestige, or for the experience of trying Fann's recipes, then sure, go ahead.

Photo by Mandy How

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Top image via Fann Wong's Instagram page, Mandy How