S$58 tarts priced according to premium ingredients, says Fann Wong

Only Fann's.

Mandy How | October 01, 2021, 05:57 PM

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Veteran actress Fann Wong announced her upcoming venture into F&B earlier this week:

Re: online comments

Photo via Fanntasy

The online shop, named Fanntasy, attracted a fair bit of chatter from online users, some of whom felt that the prices were too steep.

Fann's Signature Valrhona Chocolate Tart is going for S$58, while the Musang King Gula Melaka Tart is priced at S$68.

Photo via Fanntasy

Photo via Fanntasy

Photo via Fanntasy

Considering that these are full-sized tarts, we're pegging them at "expected" prices for a branded patisserie like Fanntasy.

When asked if she has any response to the naysayers, Fann told Mothership that the tarts are priced according to the ingredients sourced, and the cost goes into the making of the desserts.

"I try to ensure only premium quality ingredients are used," the actress added.

Photo via Fanntasy

Photo via Fanntasy

Larger scale of production

The process of getting Fanntasy started has been relatively quick — Fann said that planning started about two months ago, with the support of fans, friends and family who were "very keen" to try out her home bakes.

"It has been a journey, from finding a reliable licensed baker to having them replicate my creations according to my recipe, packaging and logo selections, and sourcing for the right ingredients."

And yes, this means that Fann will not be baking the tarts personally, although the recipes were developed by her.

Instead, she is working with a licensed baker for a larger scale of production, so that the desserts are not limited in quantity.

This will in turn "allow more dessert lovers to enjoy my creations," Fann said.

Photo via Fanntasy

Fann revealed that she chose to start Fanntasy with the two tarts as they are her most recent creations. While she hasn't ruled out other types of dessert for the menu, it also depends on where she draws her inspiration from next.

For now, Fanntasy will remain an online store, but a physical store still remains a possibility for the future.

Audiences might be reminded of another veteran actress who started her own patisserie in recent months—Jeanette Aw.

After all, Fann and Aw hosted baking competition "Crème De La Crème" together, where they were also judges for the contestants' creations.

Photo via Fanntasy

But if find yourself comparing the two, Fann might just disagree with you:

"Don't really see it as a comparison, we have very different creations of desserts and cakes when it comes to our baking. Hope everyone enjoys our creations!"

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