Jeanette Aw on website crash during patisserie's launch: 'I didn't know what to expect'

The bakes are sold out for June.

Mandy How | May 29, 2021, 11:18 AM

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On May 25, Jeanette Aw's patisserie Once Upon A Time launched with a bang — and a (server) crash.

Due to a high volume of visitors, the website could not be accessed just moments after it officially went live at 10am.

Aw subsequently announced on May 26 that her bakes are sold out for the month of June.

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When asked how she feels about the outstanding demand, the 42-year-old actress and entrepreneur told Mothership that she "definitely didn't know what to expect" since it was the first launch for Once Upon A Time.

The crash also stressed out her entire technical team, who scrambled to bring it online again but to no avail.

"They told me they got it back and running finally at night and within seconds orders started pouring in. I'm truly grateful for the love and support," Aw added.

Ostensibly to cater to existing orders, as well as the Covid-19 situation, the physical store at Jalan Besar is currently not taking any walk-in orders — only online pre-orders with delivery or self-collection.

However, Aw might even change it a delivery-only model, should the need arise.

Only three items on the menu

Currently, there are only three items on the menu: blueberry lemon pound cake (S$10), financiers (S$26/10 pieces), and pineapple financiers (S$32/10 pieces).

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These bakes will be on a rotation basis, and Aw will either add on or change the selection completely when she comes up with a new item.

"I may or may not bring back an item after it’s retired. I think changing the menu keeps the passion and creativity alive, and allows the customer to look forward to something new every time," she explained.

Once Upon A Time

From brand name to interiors and packaging, a distinctly fairytale theme presents itself.

As for what inspired the name, Aw said that she felt like a "storyteller" in many ways:

"From when I was a dancer, and later on an actor, illustrator, scriptwriter, director, and now patissier. I think there is a story to be told in all my creations."

Fun fact: the script in the logo isn't a font; it was handwritten by Aw.

Despite the brand's initial success, Aw has not yet thought about expansion.

"Maybe I’d like to keep it cosy and artisanal or maybe I could expand and explore overseas markets. I think everything is fluid. So I won’t be able to give an answer right now," she elaborated.

If you're keen to buy her bakes, orders for July are opening on June 20, via the website.

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