Licence plate-plucker says her only regret is that her son, 18, has 'stress' from the incident

She claimed that the other driver cursed at and tried to instigate a fight with her son.

Lee Wei Lin | July 11, 2022, 08:22 PM

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By now, you've probably heard about what happened at Tuas Second Link on Jul. 9.

The licence plate-plucker -- one of the many monikers that she's been given in the last 24 hours -- has stepped up to tell her side of the story, claiming that the driver of the black Toyota Alphard was the one who instigated a fight.

Her side of the story

The woman, who declined to reveal her name, reached out to Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) to explain that her son was giving her a ride to Malaysia to visit her relatives when they encountered the Alphard driver.

She said:

"The checkpoint was very congested and we waited for over an hour. We were in the rightmost lane, and the Alphard was (diagonally) behind us. The driver tried to cut into our lane from the left, but my son didn't want to give way as he noticed that they had been cutting lanes throughout the journey."

The woman said they were taken aback when the Alphard driver "forced" their way into their lane, which caused their red Kia to come into contact with the bigger vehicle.

"I originally wanted to let it go since I noticed that the scratches weren't serious," she averred. "But the other party stopped their car and scolded my son and even cursed at him. He even tried to instigate my son to get out of the car and have a one-on-one (fight), but my son ignored him."

She claimed that she immediately alighted from the car to try to reason with the other driver in order to protect her son, but was unable to do so as the other driver apparently went back to his vehicle, and refused to speak to her.

The woman also said the driver caused her to sustain wounds on her thigh by driving forward while she was in front of the vehicle.

Photo from Shin Min Daily News

She shared:

"I felt pain in my thigh so I turned around (to see what had happened), but he continued driving towards me. I was in pain and upset, which is why I was so angry that I plucked out the licence plate and threw it at the car. I later realised that both my legs were bleeding."

Feels she is not entirely at fault

The woman also told SMDN that she is aware that Malaysian police are investigating what happened, and that she will be making police reports of her own both in Malaysia and Singapore.

She added that she does not think that she is entirely at fault and therefore has no need to worry.

Worried for her son

She is also aware that netizens have doxxed both her and her son's identities, and is more worried about her son's well-being rather than her own.

The woman said, "I don't care what netizens say about me, but my son is only 18 this year and is still in school. His principal, teachers and classmates asked him (about what happened) after recognising him from the video. My only regret is putting him through this sort of stress."

The other side of the story

SMDN also spoke to the family of the Alphard driver.

The driver's 25-year-old son said that the woman had asked his father to get off from the car after the accident, but flashed the middle finger at him when he was walking towards her.

He shared that his father was "very calm" throughout the entire incident, and returned to the car when tensions rose.

He also said his family will reach out to the woman to talk things out and will hire a lawyer to pursue the matter if they get rejected. However, the woman told SMDN that she did not wish to have further interactions with the other party.

Another family member added that the accident happened because the red Kia refused to give way when they tried to change lanes.

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