White horse gallops into Bukit Timah Shell station to remind motorists what is horsepower

But 1 horse does not equal to 1 horsepower.

Belmont Lay| April 06, 04:58 AM

A white horse was seen in Bukit Timah galloping along Eng Neo Avenue across a road junction at 4pm on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

The bewildering sight was captured in a 15-second video and put up on Facebook, which has enthralled the nation, given how surreal the scene was.

It turns out the 11-year-old horse, named Cocorita, was sent bolting out of the paddock nearby after it heard a loud screech from some vehicles, which startled it.

The horse is one of 15 located at the Paisano Polo Academy at Turf Club Road.

The horse's owner said the runaway equine was found within 20 minutes of its escape.

It had apparently stopped to graze on grass along Eng Neo Avenue and a collar was put on her and she was walked back to the stables.

Naturally, the video of the majestic animal conjured up references to White Horse, the Taylor Swift song, as well as the fabled classification of certain individuals who enlist into National Service.

However, other footage shot by another motorist showed the horse horsing around a little bit during its escape, as it entered a Shell petrol station along Dunearn Road.

It was literally demonstrating what is the meaning of horsepower, as motorists looked on as if unsure about what they were witnessing.

Before we get carried away, it is a common misconception that one horsepower is the same as the peak power output of an actual horse.

The truth is that 1 horsepower is closer to 14.9 horses.

The initial definition of horsepower was based on the continuous, sustained power output of a horse -- measured according to how much water a horse could raise in a minute, at a normal walking pace, which turned out to be 550 ft-lbs/s.

The average person can produce up to 1.2 horsepower briefly at their peak, and 0.1 horsepower over time.

The rear electric motor on a Tesla produces over 400 horsepower -- equivalent of being pulled by 600 horses.

An amazing feat considering that the motor is no bigger than a watermelon.


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