Russian ex-wife of Kelantan Sultan does video interview, says more about her marriage & divorce

An emotional story.

Sulaiman Daud | October 3, 2019 @ 06:10 pm


The Russian bride of Sultan Muhammad V, Rihana Oksana Veovodina, gave an interview in English to the Mail Online to answer questions about her strained relationship with the Malaysian royalty.

Rihana had previously hinted that she would spill some secrets about her marriage in an Instagram post on Sep. 5.

Russian ex-wife of Kelantan Sultan ‘ready to reveal story’ behind marriage & divorce

Rihana shared the latest interview on Instagram on Oct. 3.

She can be heard speaking in accented English in the five-minute interview.

She appeared composed.

She said that she wanted to clarify the situation about her divorce, and that she has not seen the Sultan since December 2018.

Rihana wrote in her caption:

“He is hiding from me and our son and unfortunately he is the one who is making the public scandal. I would like to apologize for his behavior… Hope he will think about his reputation and will stop all this fightings.”

In the interview, she described her wedding day as a “fairytale”.

She also mentioned that the grand wedding festivities were just a dinner for their friends and family, and that they were already considered married according to Malaysian religious laws.

M’sia’s Sultan Muhammad V weds Russian model in Moscow, but M’sian media avoids covering it

But things quickly turned sour.

When asked “what went wrong” during the marriage, Rihana said:

“Well, he left in December and never came back. Actually I don’t know what exactly happened because everything was okay, we were expecting for our first baby, and till now I still don’t understand what was the real reason.”

She claimed she hasn’t spoken to the Sultan since then, despite trying to contact him through their mutual friends and acquaintances.

Baby Leon

When asked about her son, Leon, Rihana’s face lights up.

She described how he is growing up and developing fast, being able to turn over by himself, smile and laugh.

But she bristled when she was asked if she has taken her son for a DNA test.

Rihana said:

“I think I have nothing to prove to anybody because he is his son, born in our marriage, he was a planned and desired baby, so I don’t think it’s necessary.”

The Sultan has previously publicly expressed doubts over the paternity of baby Leon:

Kelantan Sultan casts doubt if he is father of boy with Russian ex-wife

Rihana elaborated that she’s now a single mom raising her son by herself, although her family is helping her look after the baby so she can go back to work in the field of “international marketing”.

She added that she has plans to start a YouTube channel to inform those interested about her life and her experiences with raising her son.

Rihana said she has no regrets, and that her son gives her the strength to move forward.

She did not confirm if the Sultan “abdicated his throne” for her, but she did have a direct message for the Sultan:

“Wake up, you have a son, you are a father, and you are a royal, and no matter what happened to our marriage, I want my son to have both parents. And of course, think about your son. What will he think of you when he sees all these messages.”

You can see her Instagram below:

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Top image from @rihanapetra’s Instagram page.


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