Russian ex-wife of Kelantan Sultan ‘ready to reveal story’ behind marriage & divorce

She has started to lay out some details on Instagram.

Belmont Lay | September 5, 04:35 am


The Russian bride of Sultan Muhammad V might just be ready to break her silence as she has started posting details on Instagram on Sept. 5, 2019 about how the couple even came to be.

The former model has hinted a few days before on social media that she was mulling a tell-all.

This was after maintaining her silence for months now.

Initial Instagram post

Rihana Oksana Veovodina addressed the rumours about the couple’s parting of ways in an initial Instagram post on Monday, Sept. 2, 2019.

She wrote that she knew the public wanted a conclusive answer: “I know that everyone really wants to know what happened to us. Before, I was not ready to reveal my story.”

“Maybe, if I tell you the truth, I will feel better… but I just don’t want to hurt anyone,” she wrote without explaining further.

“It will be painful.”

Not professionally shot photos

Her strong words appeared incongruous with the photo she posted.

She sounded more hopeful and optimistic in many of her previous posts, which were to share positive updates about her married life.

The latest image on Monday was different as it showed a cosy picture of herself and the sultan, which was a departure from previous professionally taken shots of the couple.

This post has been seen as validating the news that the couple has indeed split, confirming rumours that she and the sultan have indeed divorced.

Second post with details

Rihana then followed up with another post on Thursday morning, this time including a three-part account of the sultan’s past relationships with women:

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Kisah berkenalan kami. Bahagian 3: Sejak pertama kali saya lihat suami saya, saya tak tahu kenapa tapi dalam fikiran saya, saya yakin dia adalah bapa kepada anak-anak saya dimasa depan. Tapi ketika itu, saya cepat-cepat buang perasaan tu sebab masih terlalu awal. Sebelum suami saya pulang ke Malaysia, saya ada bertanya sama ada dia telah berkahwin atau mempunyai anak – dia memberitahu bahawa dia sudah bercerai pada tahun 2015 kerana bekas isterinya dari Czech Republic telah berbohong bahawa wanita itu tidak mempuntai ikatan perkahwinan dan mengikut dokumen yang ada, wanita itu tidak bercerai dinegaranya pada waktu itu. Suami saya berkongsi bahawa wanita itu selalu menggunakannya bagi mendapatkan wang dan bukannya berusaha mendapatkan zuriat. Suami saya memberitahu, dia tidak pernah mempunyai anak dan itulah impian terbesar dalam hidupnya. Ketika kami tiba di Malaysia, suami saya berdiri di hadapan saya dengan pakaian yang saya tak pernah lihat iaitu tradisional Melayu, saya sempat bertanya kenapa dia pakaiannya kelihatan pelik, tiba-tiba dia membentangkan sejadah untuk solat dan sesudah itu dia berdoa. Itu kali pertama saya lihat orang Islam solat. Selepas suami saya selesai solat, dia saya memberitahu satu hari nanti dia akan mengajar saya segala-galanya mengenai Islam. Bersambung lagi…

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The candid photo that accompanied the post showed the sultan playfully posing with the “V” sign over her head.

Dismissed rumours of split

The former Miss Moscow had strongly denied the claims of a split previously.

She went as far as describe her husband as “a decent Muslim”, and dismissed media reports on their parting of ways as “not legitimate”.

The image of a happy marriage and coupledom was heavily curated on Instagram.

She posted anecdotes of her romance with the sultan, and even updated the public on their baby’s arrival and development.

Sultan hinted son is not his

All these posts were put out even as Muhammad V’s lawyer confirmed that Muslim courts had finalised the divorce paperwork.

The sultan’s lawyers even hinted that the monarch might not be the baby’s father.

Rihana and baby appear to have been residing in Moscow for quite a while now.

Her Instagram does not contain images of the three of them together.

Public looking forward to her account

Rihana’s account of what happened will be lapped up by the public hugely befuddled by this turn of events.

She could possibly explain why the Kelantan Palace has never officially recognised the couple’s marriage.

The royal family never accorded Rihana a title, which was the usual practice for other foreign brides.

The Sultan’s sudden abdication of the throne earlier in 2019 was never explained given how his term was not up.

His abdication has been linked to his marriage with Rihana, but the exact details are a mystery.

Rihana previously wrote on Instagram that she intended to defend her family’s honour, as staying silent would mean conceding to “untruths”.

Kelantan Sultan casts doubt if he is father of boy with Russian ex-wife

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