Kelantan Sultan confirms divorce on very same day Russian wife denies it

Not the fairytale ending one expects from marrying royalty.

Andrew Koay |Fasiha Nazren | July 20, 2019 @ 08:06 pm


The former king of Malaysia, Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan, 49, has confirmed his divorce with Russian beauty queen Oksana Voevodina, 27, through his Singapore lawyer.


According to The Straits Times and CNA, the divorce took place on June 22 by three talaks in the presence of two competent Muslim witnesses.

Talak refers to the specific kind of divorce that Voevodina and the Sultan of Kelantan were said to have gone through in the Syariah Court Singapore.

The talak tiga or talaq baayin divorce, is the most severe form of divorce in Islam.

The lawyer for the Sultan said that the Kelantan Syariah Court had given its permission for the divorce and the divorce certificate was issued on July 1.

He said Voevodina was informed of the irrevocable divorce on June 22, 2019.

This was done through her lawyers Alexander Dobrovinsky & Partners of Russia and a copy of the divorce certificate was given to her.


The Sultan’s confirmation on July 20 came on the very same day when Malaysiakini published an exclusive interview with Voevodina where she denied reports about the divorce.

In the interview with the Malaysian media, Voevodina was quoted saying, “Personally, I’ve not heard the talak said to me in my face.”

Voevodina also denied that she was in Singapore when the divorce was said to have taken place.

She claimed to be in Russia with her son instead.

Voevodina shared that she was convinced that the media reports were an attempt to stir up trouble for the couple.

“It is an act of provocation. We are not divorced,” she said to Malaysiakini. “I love my husband. I believe he will be concerned about our son.”

These sentiments were echoed by another of Voevodina’s lawyers, Evgeny Tarlo, who told the Daily Mail that “Oksana married for love and is still married, she did not file any documents for divorce”.

Tarlo went on to describe how Voevodina, being a nursing mother, needs to be “protected from stress” and the couple will solve the issue “in a family circle”.

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