S’pore Grand Prix ends with plastic cups, bottles & cigarette packs strewn all over

Right after climate rally worldwide.

Ashley Tan | September 23, 2019, 11:53 AM

Singapore's first-ever climate action rally took place on Sep. 21, 2019, with over a thousand attendees calling for greater climate action.

On Sep. 22, Singapore also hosted the 12th iteration of the Singapore Grand Prix, with Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel emerging victorious.

It appears, however, that the Grand Prix left behind not just a lot of emotions, but plenty of trash as well.

Litter-strewn ground

A photo posted to Twitter by local DJ Joakim Gomez showed disposable cups, bottles, cans, cigarette packets and cup holders strewn across the grass field.

People could be seen simply standing unperturbed among the trash on the ground.

Gomez added in his caption that despite the concern over climate change and recycling, there was still "room for improvement".

Public events are notorious for generating large amounts of trash.

Due to the large number of participants, often cramped quarters and outdoor setting, providing reusable cutlery and cups is near impossible in such situations.

Which inevitably leads to scenes like this.

But littering can still be avoided by ensuring enough trash bins are installed and located in accessible places.

Plastic bag led to F1 driver's defeat

In somewhat related news, Haas' Kevin Magnussen was defeated during the Grand Prix on Sunday due to a rather innocuous plastic bag.

A clear plastic bag was lodged in the front wing of his car, forcing him to make a pit stop three laps before the end of the race, reported Autosport.

Photo from @Motorsportshq / Twitter

Magnussen initially did not know about the plastic bag, only realising that his car was slowing down.

When Autosport asked Haas' team principal Gunther Steiner if the bag had cost the team crucial points, Steiner said that "it didn't help".

Magnussen eventually finished 17th in the race due to the late pitstop.

Top photo from @JoakimGomez / Twitter


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