Monitor lizard steals huge fish belonging to otter family at Botanic Gardens


Ashley Tan | August 20, 2019, 12:22 AM

Nature can be pretty metal sometimes.

And while our native otters are beloved by many Singaporeans, one particularly bold monitor lizard with no regard for its wildlife neighbours stole the show -- and a huge half-eaten fish.

Very plucky monitor lizard

In a video captured by prominent otter enthusiast Sivasothi N., a family of otters can be seen enjoying their fresh catch of the day at Singapore Botanic Gardens, before they enjoyed no more.

The otter family, dubbed the Zouk5, had their shared hearty meal consisting of a huge yellow fish stolen from right under their noses.

Three of the otters were chowing down on the fish at the edge of Swan Lake, amidst the many coos of onlookers.

A monitor lizard, however, quickly disrupted the scene by swimming into the frame.

As the otters were startled and moved away, the reptile snatched the huge fish with a "quick stabbing motion of the head".

Gif from Sivasothi N. / FB

As the crowd collectively bemoaned the loss of the otters' hard-earned meal, the lizard then dragged the fish ashore, amidst the enraged squeaks of the Zouk5.

The otters followed the lizard, but did not seem to be able to muster up the courage to reclaim their fish from it.

As Sivasothi aptly described the events post-theft:

"The otters missed dinner, the swans hissed at them and they certainly didn’t try taking on the large catfish surfacing to feed."

He added that "this sure is a gangsta neighbourhood", but that the otters were still safe and free from rival otter families such as the Bishan family.

Ultimately, it's just another wild day in nature, and Zouk5 otter pups did not seem to be that perturbed, as "they played until the sun set".

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Top photo from Sivasothi N. / FB


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