All the feel-good S’pore headlines you’ve read in 2019, dramatised

There are always those willing to help.

Nyi Nyi Thet | Sponsored | August 09, 2019, 02:59 PM

Sometimes in a deluge of negative news, the positive ones might slip us by.

But honestly there’s been a whole lot of good, to go with the bad this year.

Here are a few of them.

The People’s Associations’ latest National Day video tells the story behind these heartwarming heroic acts.

Ordinary Singaporeans

One of the drawbacks of those articles is that while it might be real inspiring, the personnel tended to be placed on pedestals which regular folks might not be able to stand on, or envision themselves standing on.

This video seeks to destroy that myth.

Take the piggybacking across the street story.

Before the DHL delivery man got out of his vehicle to piggyback the elderly man across the road, he was just a salaried individual who faces a race against time every day.

And when he is faced with the prospect of an elderly man struggling to cross the road, his work doesn’t automatically slip away from his mind.

He thinks about it, but decides to help anyway, regardless of what that means in terms of work delays.



Another issue the video tackles is the presence of stereotypes.

When the camera focuses on a well-dressed lady with plenty of shopping hanging on her wrists, one might be tempted to cast her into an unearned stereotype.

The video itself acknowledges that impulse.

But Singaporeans are not one-dimensional people by any means. One can enjoy a shopping spree, and still show immense care for your fellow Singaporean.

Just like any of the other negative traits Singaporeans might unconsciously internalise, the video makes it clear that those labels do not define us, rather it is our actions in the face of obstacles, or a fellow Singaporean’s suffering that encapsulates the Singapore spirit.

Once a message informing the lady that a Yishun hawker had all his money stolen came up, she automatically springs to action.

Which is of course, a recreation of the aforementioned rallying around the hawkers story.

And like the video astutely points out, “we know what we stand for.”

A sentiment that most in the comment section resonated with.


Here is the video:

Screenshot from and PA's Facebook

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