Chinese singer Li Rong Hao proposed to Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang on his birthday

So sweet.

Zhangxin Zheng | July 11, 11:37 am


Break-ups in the entertainment industry are a dime a dozen.

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So, here’s a piece of good coupling news.

Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang said “Yes”

Taiwanese singer-actor Rainie Yang, 35, said “yes” to Chinese singer-songwriter Li Rong Hao, 34, after he proposed.

Both Yang and Li posted updates on their Weibo pages.

Li apparently proposed on his 34th birthday when the duo were on a holiday together.

It appeared that they also had a great time out in the sea, chilling on a yacht.

Screenshot from Weibo.

Translation: This man celebrates his 34th birthday today. Happy birthday.

Screenshot from Weibo.

It was Li who broke the news and he thanked Yang for agreeing to his proposal.

Screenshot from Weibo.

Translation: Today is my 34th birthday and also my wedding proposal anniversary. Thanks for agreeing to me.

Screenshot from Li Rong Hao’s Instagram.
Screenshot from Li Rong Hao’s Instagram.



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