Mother orangutan hands over baby to S’pore zookeeper in display of trust

True bond forged between animal and man.

Ashley Tan | July 1, 07:09 pm


A video of a mother orangutan entrusting a zookeeper with her baby went hugely viral on Reddit recently.

The video, which took place at the Singapore Zoo, received over 68,000 upvotes.

Mother orangutan trusts her caretaker completely

The short 15-second video shows the mother orangutan pulling her baby off from her back, and holding it out to the zookeeper.

The zookeeper proceeds to kiss the baby several times on the forehead, before returning it to the mother.

The mother orangutan clearly seems to be comfortable around the keeper, enough to entrust her own baby to him.

Observant commenters also noticed that although the mother seems to trust the zookeeper greatly, the baby did not let go of its mother’s hand.

You can watch the heartwarming sight here:

Via @tothetenthpower / Gfycat.com

Interaction occurred at Singapore Zoo

So where is the origin of this video?

The video was actually extracted from a 2016 video by Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS).

Commenters gushed over the relationship the ape had with its keeper.

The incident was reportedly captured during a scheduled photography session next to the orangutan exhibit at the Singapore Zoo.

WRS told Mothership that the baby, named Adi, was about five months old in the video, and is currently around three years old.

Its mother, Binti, has a close relationship with the zookeeper, Kumaran Sesshe.

Keeper is a veteran at the zoo

Kumaran is the head keeper for the Great Apes exhibit, and is a veteran who has worked at the zoo for over 20 years.

Mothership also interviewed Kumaran previously, where he talked about how his original love for snakes eventually led him to become the main caretaker of the endangered orangutans.

In the interview, Kumaran said he and his team are so familiar with the apes, that they can recognise each ape’s personalities, and even distinguish each one’s poop.

It seems that this intrinsic bond that Kumaran shares with the creatures isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

You can read more about Kumaran and his story here:

S’pore orangutan keeper’s story of love for apes, snakes and people

Top photo from Wildlife Reserves Singapore / FB


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