We drew 20 neighbourhoods in S’pore on Tiger beer bottles just for fun

Maybe we should stick with writing.

Tsiuwen Yeo | Sponsored | June 22, 2019, 11:23 AM

Last year, Tiger Beer launched the Tiger Beer District Elections, where Singaporeans could vote for their 4 favourite neighbourhoods to be featured on limited-edition Tiger district bottles.

Which resulted in our colleague shamelessly declaring his love for Bukit Panjang publicly, because it wasn’t included in the 20 neighbourhoods people could vote for.

Bedok, Punggol, Jurong and Tampines won the elections.

This year, instead of having people fight it out, Tiger decided to launch 20 limited-edition Tiger district bottles instead of just four, so everyone will get their own. But sadly, there wasn’t Bukit Panjang again this year.

Image from Tiger website

Our colleague’s impression of what represents Bukit Panjang

Sure, this year’s designs are really pretty, but how would regular Singaporeans living in the neighbourhoods represent their towns?

Presenting: Mothership’s own 20 district designs.

1. Ang Mo Kio

You’ll get this only if you’ve been to Ang Mo Kio.

2. Balestier

Balestier Tigers, the mascot of the Balestier Khalsa Football Club. Props to you if you knew this.

3. Bedok

Is this Bak Chor Mee soup from the store on the right side or the left side? Who knows.

4. Bishan

Bishan: Land of crazy HDB prices. Bees and hills? Not so much.

5. Bugis

Bugis Junction. Get it? We’ve no idea what that black mass that looks suspiciously like pubic hair in the bottom right corner is.

6. Bukit Batok


7. Chinatown

Guess the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is as iconic to Singaporeans as it is to tourists.

8. Holland Village

Who needs to go to The Netherlands?

9. Jurong

Can you decipher this?

ʞɹɐԀ pɹᴉq ƃuoɹnſ :ɹǝʍsu∀

10. Kallang

This artist’s impression of the National Stadium looks like a shower stall.

11. Katong

Yes. Katong is Laksa, just like how Bedok is Bak Chor Mee.

12. Punggol

Most famous landmark in the area.

13. Queenstown

Don’t en bloc, please :(

14. Sembawang

Bedok is Bak Chor Mee, Katong is Laksa, and Sembawang is White Bee Hoon

(Chinese character in image says “White”)

15. Serangoon

Chomp chomp. Nom nom. Quite complex, this interpretation of Serangoon.

16. Tampines

If you recognise this, you’re a true Tampines kia.

17. Tanjong Pagar

Bedok is Bak Chor Mee, Katong is Laksa, Sembawang is White Bee Hoon, and Tanjong Pagar is Ramen.

So chio. Looks very legit.

19. Toa Payoh

What does it look like to you?

This lookout tower, of course.

20. Yishun

Once Singapore’s largest cinema, with 10 movie halls.


Liked our designs? Sorry, we’re not selling them. You can, however, get your hands on the 20 limited-edition Tiger district bottles -- they are now available across major supermarkets, online stores, bars, pubs, coffee shops and hawker centres island-wide, while stocks last.

If you’re not sure which to get (how about all?), you can try your hands at this quiz and find out.

You can get all the designs here today.

Have fun drinking (but be responsible please, we say first).

This sponsored post by Tiger made us realise our colleagues suck at drawing.