M’sian man takes his first-ever flight to confess to online girlfriend in Japan, weds her 5 years later


Fasiha Nazren | July 2, 2019 @ 05:39 pm


You can find love in the most unexpected places.Especially so for 28-year-old Malaysian Mohd Norfaizad Farhan Nor Hashimi, who found the love of his life while browsing Facebook.

Tried his luck on Facebook

In 2014, Faizad chanced upon Anna Farhana Tanaka’s Facebook profile.

Despite the 4,800 kilometres between them, Faizad decided to try his luck and proceeded to send a message to the Japanese lady in a bid to spark a friendship.

As fate would have it, the two soon began to exchange messages daily and their friendship soon bloomed into a relationship.

Took very first flight to meet her

Realising that he has fallen in love with Anna, Faizad sought his father’s permission and took his first flight ever out of Malaysia just to visit Anna, who was then based in Osaka, Japan.

His father helped pay Faizad’s ticket to Japan.

According to Anna, she felt nervous when Faizad flew over to confess his feelings.

However, she soon reciprocated and the two started a long distance relationship.

Religion & cultural differences

When the two first began their relationship, Faizad admitted that he was worried that the difference in religions and culture would be an obstacle in their relationship.

In an interview with Harian Metro, Faizad said:

“We used to talk on Facebook daily and at first, I was scared to have a relationship with her due to the cultural and religion differences.”

Two years later, however, Anna converted to Islam in a mosque in Japan after studying the religion along with Faizad’s guidance.

Married five years later

And it seems that their relationship has grown stronger, since both their parents have given the couple their blessings.

On June 29, 2019, Faizad and Anna finally tied the knot in Faizad’s hometown of Perlis, Malaysia.

“My first flight out of the country was actually to meet the love of my life. Thankfully, things have gone smoothly for us and now we’re on our wedding dais.”

Photo from Utusan Online

Forgot solemnisation outfit

In fact, Anna was so excited to get married that she accidentally left her solemnisation outfit at home in Japan.

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. saya isteri yang terlupa bawa baju nikah, tinggal tu di jepun je pun…? luar biasa kan??? jadi saya coba borrow & pakai baju biasa @wani_shariff ? terima kasih suami, keluarganya, @wanieremy_ for cepat bantuan? #luarbiasa #nikah

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Thankfully for her, Faizad’s relative managed to lend her a matching royal blue baju kurung.

Happily ever after in Malaysia

The newlyweds will no longer have to continue their long-distance relationship.

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Wedding day @anafarhana_japan and @kazuyafaizad ??

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The former preschool teacher has moved to Malaysia to be with her husband.

“Throughout this entire relationship, Faizad has been very sincere. That is why I am attracted to him. I will be living in Malaysia with my husband after we get married.”

Top image screenshot from Utusan Online‘s video


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