19-year-old 'Gamer girl' earns a month's salary selling S$40 bath water to followers

Elixir of life.

Mandy How | July 05, 2019, 05:52 PM

Belle Delphine, 19, is a UK-based cosplayer, model, self-proclaimed gamer girl, and now, businesswoman.

Delphine, whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, has 3.9 million followers on Instagram — and she's making good use of them.

On July 2, the "gamer girl" uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram, promoting a new product on her retail site: Her own bath water.


The "GamerGirl Bath Water", which costs US$30 (S$40.72), reportedly sold out within a day.

Here's the product description:

"Bottled while I'm playing in the bath ^-^  This really is bath water.. disclaimer: This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes."

On July 5, Delphine uploaded a video, expressing her surprise that the bath water was sold out.

Frolicking in a tub of water, the "gamer girl" promised to make more within the coming days.


If Delphine did actually bottle up her entire tub of bath water and sold it out, she has probably made an estimated couple of thousands — a sum that can be one month's salary in Singapore.

Delphine is also known for creating other raunchy content, which she sells on her Patreon page.

Top image via Belle Dephine's Instagram


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