S'porean bloggervist Roy Ngerng supports Hong Kong protests at Taiwan rally

Getting to do something he doesn't get to do in Singapore.

Sulaiman Daud| June 17, 01:18 AM

Hong Kong streets are filled to the brim with protesters who are up in arms against a proposed extradition bill and their leader Carrie Lam.

But Hong Kong isn't the only place where protests are happening.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), rallies were held in 29 cities across 12 countries to show solidarity with Hongkongers.

One such rally was held in Taipei, Taiwan on June 16 -- and a familiar Singaporean face was spotted.

Rally in Taipei, Taiwan

Roy Ngerng, a Singaporean blogger and activist, shared a photo album on Facebook on June 16.

Titled "Taipei rally to support the people of Hong Kong", it includes several photos of a gathered crowd, with many holding placards that read "No China Extradition".

Photo from Roy Ngerng's Facebook page.

Photo from Roy Ngerng's Facebook page.

According to CNA, the Taipei rally was attended by about 5,000 people outside the parliament building.

Ngerng has been in Taiwan since October 2016.

Personal support

Ngerng posted several times on Facebook, commenting on the protests, supporting the efforts of the Hong Kong people, and mentioned Singaporeans too.

Ngerng wrote:

"More than 20% of the HK population flooded the city to protest against the unjust law & government. Singaporeans, this is what your power looks like, if only you know it."

He also shared a photo of himself at the rally, with a caption that read:

"Me at the Taipei Rally to Support the Hong Kong people - don't let HK be like Singapore where people live in fear


The Chinese characters translate to, "Today Singapore, tomorrow Hong Kong, after that Taiwan."

Photo from Roy Ngerng's Facebook page.

This is some next level foreign-influence-ception.


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Top image from Roy Ngerng's Facebook.