Roy Ngerng has been in Taiwan since October 2016

Ngerng should switch from blogging to photo-taking.

Martino Tan | April 6, 2017 @ 07:00 pm


CPF blogger and social activist Roy Ngerng has relocated to Taiwan for work.

This is according to political commentator, Leong Sze Hian.

Ngerng has been inactive on his Facebook and his Heart Truths blog.

The Reform Party General Election 2015 candidate last posted about insurance and healthcare financing in August last year.

Here are 15 photos that reveal Ngerng’s peaceful state of mind in Taiwan and his more than decent photography skills:

1. This is Ngerng at the Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade 2016 in Taipei:

2. This is a photo of the Taiwan sunset:

3. This is the moment after Ngerng decided not to take a photo of the sky:

4. A photo of a cat:

5. And to be fair, a photo of a dog:

6. Ngerng in black and white:

7. Ngerng celebrating Christmas last year:

8. Ngerng in a winter cap:

9. Food porn

10. Father and son

11 – 15: Selfies of Ngerng

Guess Ngerng has found a new love — photography — in a new city.

Top photo from Roy Ngerng Instagram

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