Minimum temperatures at night expected to hit 28°C in 1st half of June 2019

Hot and wet June.

Zhangxin Zheng | June 04, 2019, 10:55 AM

Hot and rainy weather will persist in Singapore for the first half of June 2019, according to Meteorological Service Singapore.

Hot and humid nights

Furthermore, the first two weeks of June will remain hot and humid especially in the evenings.

The end of the inter-monsoon period (the time between the two monsoon seasons in Singapore) marks the start of the southwest monsoon season which lasts from June to September.

During the southwest monsoon season, winds blowing from the southeast bring warm and humid air from the sea to mainland Singapore.

The minimum temperature is predicted to hit at least 28°C on some nights.

You will probably be tempted to turn on the air-conditioner on these nights, but do remember to set it at around 25°C.

Rainy mornings

There will be more rainy days in the first fortnight of June. Rainfall is also expected to be higher than normal in most parts of Singapore.

On some days in the first fortnight, one can expect heavy rain in the late mornings and early afternoons due to strong solar heating of the land during the day.

Sumatra squalls, an organised line of thunderstorms that develop over Sumatra and the Straits of Malacca, are expected on two to three days.

They will bring thundery showers and strong winds in the mornings.

Overall, daily temperatures in the first fortnight of June will range between 25°C and 33°C.

Dengue alert

The hot and wet June weather also heralds the peak season for Dengue fever as the Aedes aegypti mosquitos breed quicker in such conditions. 

Top photo by A. J. Faizal from Flickr


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