Zoe Tay posts selfie with Rebecca Lim, pens thoughtful caption on Instagram

Hope Rebecca is okay.

Zhangxin Zheng | May 15, 10:45 pm


The latest real-life Channel 8 drama blew up after explicit texts between local artistes Carrie Wong and Ian Fang were leaked.

Among the leaked messages include criticisms toward Lawrence Wong, who rose to fame after a role in Chinese historical drama Story of Yanxi Palace.

Yanxi Palace star Lawrence Wong hits back at critics who may or may not be Carrie Wong & Ian Fang

Fang was rumoured to be seeing fellow Mediacorp artiste Rebecca Lim, while Wong was also reportedly dating Taiwanese model Boris Lin.

As such, public attention also fell on Lim’s and Lin’s reactions to this scandal.

Zoe Tay’s thoughtful Instagram post

Enter Queen of Caldecott Hill Zoe Tay.

On May 15, Tay uploaded a selfie with Rebecca Lim to Instagram, one day after the scandal broke.

The timely post from Tay appears to be rooting for Lim while being less favourable to Fang and Wong.

The post also garnered supportive comments from a few local artistes such as Romeo Tan and Quan Yi Fong.

Here’s a rough translation of the caption:

Attitude determines your daily life.

Being poised brings you to great heights in life.

Education level determines your standard.

How you treat people depends on your magnanimity.

Depth determines how you are as a person.

Deep. It sounds more poetic in Chinese, we assure you.

Throwing shade at Fang and Wong

Along with the enigmatic Instagram post about life, Tay also posted this Instagram story:

The words in the story mean “Doing the right things is more important than doing things right”, which *might* be referring to how Fang and Wong apologised for the explicit texts after the leak.

High level.

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