Pepsi Black Ginger is here & it’s available exclusively in 7-Eleven S’pore. And Pepsi Black Vanilla too.

Bold taste with no calories.

Sponsored | May 08, 2019, 01:00 PM

Two new flavours for Pepsi Black has finally made its debut in Singapore.

They are Pepsi Black Ginger and Pepsi Black Vanilla.

Yes, you read that right: Pepsi Black GINGER. Take a seat and let that sink in for a moment.

Ready? Second, it’s a variant of Pepsi Black, which means the same thirst quenching, delicious cola without the sugar and calories. Now, Pepsi Black Ginger gives you the best of Pepsi Black with a distinct ginger flavour. Fun fact: Pepsi Black Ginger is also the first ever ginger cola variant in Malaysia.

Yes, you read that right. Bold taste with no calories. And there’s the cute pyramid as endorsed by the Health Promotion Board.

Which means it is certified as a healthier choice by the Health Promotion Board.

And here are some really cool photos to quench your thirst.

Singaporeans, put your hands together and welcome Pepsi Black Ginger to the league of extraordinary drinks.

Pepsi Black Ginger has a strong ginger and cola taste to it, which is unique as there is no cola that offers this flavour.

Oh and let’s not forget about Pepsi Black Vanilla, whose creamy texture needs no formal introduction. And of course, Pepsi Black Vanilla has a strong vanilla flavour to it.

But if you do, you will be glad to know that it also has no calories, just like Ginger. Maximum taste without the guilt.

What a wonderful world.

Both flavours are available exclusively in all 7-Eleven stores here.

This sponsored article by Pepsi makes this writer thirsty for all things halia.