Jacqueline Wong allegedly in money trouble & probably broken up with Kenneth Ma

Falling apart.

Mandy How | May 28, 2019 @ 06:37 pm


In the aftermath of her cheating scandal with Hong Kong singer Andy Hui, 30-year-old Jacqueline Wong appears to be down and out.

In April this year, Wong was caught canoodling in the backseat of a taxi with 51-year-old Hui, who is married to superstar Sammi Cheng.

Wong herself was dating fellow actor Kenneth Ma at the time of the incident.

Cheng, 46, has since forgiven her husband, and the couple are still together.

Next girlfriend will not be materialistic

Wong, however, is not so lucky.

Although Ma has publicly defended Wong when the scandal first broke out, it seems like the two are no longer together.

For one, 8 Days reports that Ma was no longer wearing the promise ring he bought with Wong in 2018.

Ma once said that the rings were meant to be a sign of their commitment as they worked towards marriage.

For another, Ma was recently quoted saying that his “next girlfriend” will not be a “materialistic woman” in an interview on the set of upcoming drama series The Exorcist’s Meter 2, according to AsiaOne.

Money troubles

Additionally, Wong, who is reportedly in Los Angeles to further her studies in acting and directing, may be facing money troubles.

Besides losing television roles and sponsorship, CNA Lifestyle reports that both TVB and the brands are after Wong for damages.

The television station had spent S$1.7 million to re-shoot at least one drama with Wong in it, removing her from the scenes.

TVB spending S$1.7 million to re-shoot & remove scenes with Jacqueline Wong as lead actress

According to CNA Lifestyle, TVB is asking for HK$30 million (S$5.26 million) in compensation for re-shooting two dramas, while advertising sponsors are demanding HK$10 million (S$1.75 million) for “breach of contract”.

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Top image via Jacqueline Wong’s Instagram


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