Mother of NUS student filmed showering says she supports daughter going public for justice

She also said this is not an exercise in seeking revenge.

Belmont Lay | April 21, 06:20 pm


As petitions calling for harsher consequences for those who commit sex crimes on campus gains steam online, support has been pouring in.

3,300 signatures on 2 petitions demanding more done for NUS student filmed showering in hall

And the mother of the 23-year-old National University of Singapore student who was a victim of voyeurism has come out to support her daughter’s decision to take things public.

Full details of what happened found here:

NUS guy who filmed girl in shower suspended for a semester & asked to write apology letter

What mother wrote

In a Facebook comment on April 20, the mother, Mary Baey wrote that she supports her daughter taking a stand publicly, by calling for more to be done to protect women on campus.

Madam Baey also reiterated that her daughter calling attention to her situation was not an act of revenge or to seek retribution against that one perpetrator.

However, she also expressed disappointment at how NUS handled the case, as she felt the punishment was not commensurate with the severity of the crime.

You can read her full post below:

“Monica is my daughter and when I first learned from her about this incident that happened at NUS campus, I was shocked. She informed me that she reported to NUS and the Police and we were all waiting for the outcome of this case. After 2 months of investigation, the police only gave a 12 month’s conditional warning which is completely ridiculous. What this means is, the police are giving him a slap on his hand and say don’t do it again within 12 months. How can we know this is not going to happen again and how can there be no serious consequences for such action?

On NUS CCTV, the perpetrator was seen going from toilet to toilet to look for his victim, this is a person who knows exactly what he is doing, and the actual video is found on his hand phone.

For NUS to let him off so lightly with an absurd and pathetic apology and a suspension of a semester (which he conveniently got a job during his suspended period). He will be back to NUS as per normal with no consequences. All he is not allowed is to attend classes. This is completely unacceptable.

We, as parents, trust NUS to provide a safe and secure place for students to live and to protect them from such incidences. I was given to understand that this is not the first case, there has been many cases, some reported to NUS and some that went unreported.

How can we place our trust in NUS, a National and International institution? This trust is now broken.

What my daughter has done by going to social media is a brave thing and I am very proud of her. Clearly, she did not have the support from the Spore Police or NUS. She is very clear that she is seeking redress for what has happened to her.

She has been traumatized by this incident and still must accept NUS’s decision that she has to deal with it.

We need to see that NUS will take strong action for such incidences and have a clear campus policies that will protect female students against such sexual harassment. NUS have also not taken any additional security for the communal bathing areas for the female students. No professional victim support is in place.

Monica have told me she is not out for revenge; she is out for justice and prevention that this will not happen again as she feels that she has been let down both by the police and especially NUS.

Mum & Dad will be there to support you and you have been courageous in speaking out on this matter.

NUS has issued a statement on April 20:

NUS responds to case of student being filmed in shower, committee to be convened

Previous cases in NUS:

20 insult/outrage of modesty cases in NUS from 2015 – 2018. Here’s how they were dealt with.


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