S'pore-based photographer captures milky way in M'sia with Huawei P30 Pro


Mandy How | April 29, 2019, 10:47 PM

The Huawei P30 Pro has more than proven its zoom-in capabilities:

But Singapore-based photographer Justin Ng is taking it to new heights by using it as a point-and-shoot camera to snap photos of the milky way.

He documents the process on his website, Justin Ng Photography.

Testing it in low light conditions

On April 6, Ng had just gotten the phone and decided to test it out in low light conditions on the same day.

He proceeded to book a resort room in Mersing, Malaysia, and took a three-hour drive there.

Ng arrived at midnight, but waited another two-and-a-half hours before he used the P30 Pro to take a photo of the night skies above the resort.

Photo by Justin Ng

Ng wrote that he simply did a point-and-shoot with his handheld phone, which was in the Photo mode.

The phone had also automatically enabled Master AI, a function which automatically detects the context and optimises the settings.

Ng, who was initially sceptical, "didn't expect it to be so easy".

"Many of my friends asked me what did I do to the image and some even thought I’ve brightened the image but hell no! I did nothing. Nothing at all."

Here are more photos that Ng took with the camera phone:

Photo by Justin Ng

Photo by Justin Ng

Photo by Justin Ng

Photo by Justin Ng

Ng also managed to capture shooting star trails (a type of photography that uses long exposure time to capture the apparent motion of stars in the sky due to earth's rotation):

Photo by Justin Ng

Ng's shooting session went on for 32 minutes.

Here's how he did it, if you're interested to learn:

The photographer ended by saying he found the astrophotography images from the P30 Pro "acceptable", but would still prefer to use a DSLR for a serious shoot.

Ng, by the way, is a professional whose works have been published on the likes of CNN and National Geographic.

You can also check out more of his photos on Instagram.

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Composite image taken in #MountBromo during the peak night of #etaaquaridmeteorshower on 6 May 2017. Check out my time-lapse movie on this scene at https://vimeo.com/216471961

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My billion stars hotel stay above #ArcticCircle in #Alaska! #MilkWay colorized by the #Auroras and #airglow. - #NorthernLights

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Top image by Justin Ng


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