Nas Daily not too worried about petition to ban his entry into S’pore unless it gets 100,000 signatures

He was scared of dengue in Singapore in 2014 when he arrived here for the first time.

Matthias Ang | March 25, 12:02 pm


Vlogger Nuseir Yassin, popularly known as Nas Daily, is moving to Singapore, with plans to hire five people for his Nas Daily Media Company.

A changing impression of Singapore

Part of his reasons for doing so appears to stem from his current impression of Singapore as the best place to be for his business.

And it would seem that this impression has come a long way from the first time he set foot here in 2014, when he was terrified of contracting dengue, The New Paper (TNP) reported.

Terrified by dengue warnings on his first visit

Nuseir explained that at time, he had equated dengue with malaria, which made him question why he was in Singapore in the first place, when he saw multiple dengue warnings.

In detailing his circumstances to TNP, Nuseir said he arrived in Singapore at 11pm, on a one-day layover.

He found his hostel closed, however, which resulted in him spending the night on the roof of the building instead.

Nuseir said:

“It was so hot and there were dengue signs everywhere, which made me so scared. It was not until the next morning, seeing the craziness and vibrancy of the city, that I decided this was the place I need to give a shot.”

Singapore a good place for business

On his present impression of Singapore, Nuseir wrote on Instagram that he sees Singapore as a conducive environment to develop his company.

Nuseir elaborated, as per TNP:

“Singapore has a good environment for business. It offers clear guidelines on how to set up and build a business.”

Nuseir also spoke highly of Singapore’s hospitality and living conditions, along with the fact that it was near multiple locations where he had enjoyed producing his content.

“I really value the good living conditions and the friendliness of the people, and also the fact that Singapore is near many places where I enjoy making content and want to visit again.”

He further stated that he saw the the region as the “new America.”

Will only notice petition when it reaches 100,000

On the issue of a petition calling for his ban from entering the country, Nuseir said he wouldn’t be worried until it reached 100,000 signatures, TNP highlighted.

“I don’t think about it. It is a small percentage compared to the 120,000 (Instagram likes for the above post). I won’t focus on it until it gets 100,000 signatures.”

In the meantime, he intends to continue making videos with Singaporeans:

“Let’s make videos!”

Top image screenshot from Nas Daily Facebook

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