Nas Daily to start hiring 5 people for S'pore video production company from April 2019

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Matthias Ang | March 22, 2019, 04:49 PM

Nas Daily, a popular vlogger also known as Nuseir Yassin, is moving to Singapore with his Nas Daily Media Company.

Hiring people for his company

According to Today, Nuseir said that he plans to arrive in Singapore by April 20.

Additionally, he plans to hire about five more people to join the Nas Daily Media Company -- effectively doubling it in the following few months and turning digital capital into monetary dollars.

Make Facebook videos

In elaborating on the plans for his company, Nuseir told Today that it will focus on creating Facebook videos for clients.

"If you’re a start-up looking for good videos that explain what you do... you should probably go with the Nas Daily company, because (it) lives and breathes Facebook videos."

Nuseir added that he will continue publishing his usual videos on social issues once he's here in Singapore to keep the channel alive.

Office to be located beside Facebook's office

The vlogger who is famous for his super-positive minute-long videos said that he aims to house his company in the Marina One Tower, right beside Facebook's Singapore office:

"The goal is to get a whole big office right next to the Facebook office in the big Marina (One) Tower... so it’s just a matter of time until we get there."

Marina One, where Facebook's office is located. Screenshot from Google Maps

According to Today, Nuseir will be in Singapore on the EntrePass -- a permit that allows foreign entrepreneurs to start a business in Singapore.

The EntrePass lasts for a year and has to be renewed at the end of its period.

Organising a summit for all Singaporeans

Planting his company in Singapore is not the only item on his agenda however, Today reported.

Nuseir is also planning to organise an annual "Nas" conference of sorts for Singaporeans -- one that he plans to hold the same week he arrives.

In explaining the tentative name, Nuseir said:

"Nas means people in Arabic. So this conference will be all about the people of Singapore, by the people of Singapore."

Nuseir elaborated that the plan is to bring Singaporeans of different socio-economic levels together to interact and share their stories.

"I want to bring the average Singaporean, the rich Singaporean, the poor Singaporean together for one day and just talk about the story of Singapore. The good, the bad, anything. Everybody gets a chance to share something with everybody."

Holding a conference on the same week that he moves to Singapore is difficult and Nuseir acknowledged that there is a possibility of it being a "money-losing event".

However, he added that it is important for him to begin his journey in Singapore in such a manner.

Here's why Nas Daily is moving to Singapore:

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