Jackie Chan reveals he visited numerous prostitutes & took anger out on toddler son in new book

A Singaporean author translated the book from Chinese to English.

Kayla Wong | December 4, 2018 @ 12:29 am

Jackie Chan, a martial arts movie star and walking bag of healed broken bones, has revealed snippets of his lesser-known past.

His English memoir, Never Grow Up, out in stores on Dec. 4 in print and digital formats, will disclose details about having paid for sex with prostitutes and controversial parenting skills.

The book is the English version of Never Grow Up, Only Get Older that he wrote in Chinese with his friend Zhu Mo in 2015.

Singaporean author, Jeremy Tiang, who is based in New York, translated it into English, reported The Straits Times.

According to Forbes, Chan is the world’s fifth highest-paid actor and Asia’s highest-paid actor in 2017.

Not responsible

At 15, Chan met his first love, a woman he calls Chang, but admitted to being a “terrible boyfriend”.

This was despite the fact that she stuck with him against her parents’ wishes.

Chan said that he often left Hong Kong because he did not want to be with her, and when they hung out together, he picked fi‌g‌ht‌s just for fun.

Carried large sums of cash

He also thought of his wealth as a way to get back on those who previously looked down on him.

“I started to carry large amounts of cash at all times. After you live in poverty cash gives you a sense of security. I like having lots of people around me and every meal was with a big gang,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

“Around 10 years ago I spent $2 million in one year paying for other people’s meals. I gave out extravagant gifts too; watches, cars, custom-made leather jackets, cases of expensive wine.”

Spent his money on booze and women

Chan also revealed that he once struggled with alcohol, often showing up at work drunk.

He even drove while under the influence, which resulted in him crashing his many luxury cars.

Besides booze, Chan also said he spent “all [his] wages” on gambling and women, revealing that he often visited a prostitute he knew as Number Nine, who was “beautiful, with a sweet personality”.

Threw his son across the room

Chan also admitted having anger-management issues, revealing that he once took his anger out on his toddler son, Jaycee Chan, when he was having a fight with his wife, Joan Lin, who used to be an actress in Taiwan.

According to South China Morning Post, Chan wrote:

“I picked him up with one hand and flung him across the room, and he crashed into the sofa.”

In March 2015, Chan said he had changed his will and would leave his entire fortune to his son, despite saying previously he would donate it all to charity and leave nothing for the younger Chan, reported Jayne Stars.

His son was released from jail in China the month before.

He was imprisoned for six months for marijuana possession.

Jackie Chan with his wife Joan Lin, and Jaycee Chan.

Cheated on his wife

Chan also revisited his cheating scandal that erupted in 1999.

While married to Joan Lin, the kung fu star had an affair with Elaine Ng, winner of Miss Asia 1990 and a former Hong Kong beauty queen.

Elaine is the mother of Etta Ng, who is now publicly estranged from Chan.

Chan was married to Lin at that time when he had a relationship with Elaine.

Nine days before his daughter, Etta Ng, was born in 1999, Chan spoke to reporters about the affair:

“I have made a mistake that many men in the world make.”

Saying that he was a “bastard” in the past due to his insecurities and immaturity, Chan said in the book he had since vowed to turn over a new leaf.

But at that time he recalled believing his sexist friends’ speculation that Lin, mother of his son Jaycee, got pregnant on purpose because she was only after his money.

As a result, Chan “constantly thought of ways to keep (his) money from her”.

At some point after the scandal, Chan and Lin got into a fi‌gh‌t, and that was when the kung fu artist took it out on their son Jaycee in that episode where he hurled him onto the sofa.

No mention of daughter

There was no mention of his daughter Etta in the book.

Chan and his daughter were widely reported in the media to be estranged.

He allegedly did not give a single cent to Ng after his daughter was born, according to Oriental Daily News.

In 2015, the younger Ng said that Chan is her “biological father but he is not in [her] life”, reported Express.

Back in April this year, she claimed that she and her then-girlfriend Canadian social media influencer Andi Autumn had been “homeless for a month due to homophobic parents”.

They have since announced their marriage on Nov. 26 this year.

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United by love & law ♡ On our wedding day~ . . . If you never give up on love and you put all your heart into the family youve dreamed of, an open mind and warm heart will guide you to happiness. We have been in the persuit of happiness the day we were born. Abused as children who never felt love, we have so much to give. We have concorcured our fears, accepted our faults, and now we understand that the people who hurt us are hurting still. We have all been hurt but if you can dream of love, you can find it. Love is kind, it does not judge. Love is both strength and weakness. Love can make change. Love wins! ♡ #lovewins #gaymarriage #lgbtq #fightforwhatsright #love #iloveyou #teamlove

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However, the older Ng told the media she was supportive of her daughter’s relationship, reported Toggle.

Chan also told the media “if she likes it, that’s fine”, when asked about what he thought about his daughter’s sexual orientation, reported Gay Times.

Chan donated four houses to Singapore

Also mentioned in his book is the four ancient Chinese timber structures Chan donated to Singapore in 2009, according to ST.

They are now housed on the grounds of the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) campus.

Chan’s new book will be available for purchase on Tuesday, Dec. 4. 

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