Run away from your responsibilities at these unusual routes in S’pore

Don't look back.

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Responsibilities -- All of us have them.

Here are some unusual running routes for you to run away from your responsibilities.

The High-SES run

Area: Nassim

Distance: 4.59km

Good for: People who feel poor

Possibility of your responsibilities catching up: 20%

If you are running away from your bills and debts, this is the perfect route for you as it involves running along some famous road names with expensive houses (Stevens, Nassim).

Nothing solves money woes than being in close proximity to some of the most expensive properties in Singapore. Wait, there’s a scientific term for this: Osmosis.

Other than feeling rich, see if you can spot the Japanese, Philippines and Russian Embassies along the way.

At the end of the run, the affordable Mr Prata at Evans Road awaits as you rethink your life decisions during a quick shower at the Co-Curricular Activities Branch.

Evans Road >> Bukit Timah Road >> Stevens Road >> Orange Grove Road >> Tanglin Road >> Nassim Road >> Evans Road

The I-have-too-many-responsibilities-I-just-want-to-run run

Area: Changi

Distance: 15km

Good for: Important people running away from a million decisions

Possibility of your responsibilities catching up: 50%

Perfect for high-powered executives who have two million emails with the usual subject headers like “For your approval” or “For your action”, this particular route requires minimal brain power and maximum willpower.

It’s just you vs a 15km long stretch that starts from Changi Beach Carpark 7 to the never-ending Tanah Merah Coast Road and finally ending at East Coast Park.

There’s really nothing except your thoughts to accompany you. But hey, perfect respite for a corporate shark like you.

Changi Coast Road >> Aviation Park Road >> Tanah Merah Coast Road >> Changi Coast Road >> East Coast Park

The Yanxi Palace run

Area: Jurong

Distance: 2km

Good for: People running away from the ghost of Yanxi Palace.

Possibility of your responsibilities catching up: 10%

This is the easiest run on this list because this is obviously designed for beginners, specifically those who binge watch Yanxi Palace and are tight on time (no time to run but confirm have time for Yanxi Palace) because of all the missed deadlines at work.

And this is probably the most scenic route on this list. Begin your run at Chinese Garden MRT and head straight to a pseudo Yanxi Palace set called the Chinese Garden. Stuff you will find familiar are pagodas, pavilions and more pagodas.

Besides you’ve got to do something about that Yanxi Palace withdrawal syndrome.

If you are as addicted to this route as the drama, you can always run two rounds. Just like how you watched Yanxi Palace twice.

Chinese Garden MRT >> Chinese Garden >> Chinese Garden MRT

The life-on-the-edge run

Area: Sembawang, Yishun

Distance: 4.5km

Good for: People tired of the sterile, routine life

Possibility of your responsibilities catching up: 40%

Okay, calling it life-on-the-edge is a bit of a hyperbole. But hey, you are running right on the edge of Yishun, so that counts for something.

Start your adventure at Khatib MRT and make the run for Sembawang Road, which is probably one of the more underrated roads in Singapore: it is lined with trees and you don’t see a high-rise building for a good 1km. Don’t be complacent though, the scenery comes with a gradual slope that can kill you. Both literally and figuratively.

Yishun Avenue 2 >> Yishun Avenue 1 >> Sembawang Road >> Yishun Avenue 3 >> Yishun Ring Road >> Yishun Avenue 2

The ulu-but-not-that-ulu run

Area: Pulau NTU

Distance: 5.5km

Good for: People who are not sleeping after supper

Possibility of your responsibilities catching up: 40%

Ah, the varsity life. Pretend to mug >> Mug for 15 minutes >> Give up >> Supper time >> Can’t Sleep >> Run at 2am.

But where in Singapore is safe to run at that hour? For one, there’s NTU.

Combining the best of different worlds -- the cacophony of expended rounds and grumpy career soldiers at the live firing range, moody jungles, populated halls and gradual, lungs-burning slopes -- there’s never a dull moment.

And precisely because of all these activities, it is pretty safe to run, even at 2am.

Nanyang Crescent >> Nanyang Drive >> Nanyang Crescent

The if-there’s-no-self-there-are-no-responsibilities run

Area: Bukit Timah Hill

Distance: 1.5km

Good for: People who are sick of responsibilities

Possibility of your responsibilities catching up: 90%

At just 1.53km, it’s the shortest run on this list.

But the elevation of Bukit Timah Hill is 164m. Just let that sink in.

No kick? Do it twice.


U Run All Access (URAA)

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