"McDonald's S'pore" tried to roast Wendy's on Twitter. Of course, they got the full Wendy's treatment.


Guan Zhen Tan | July 30, 2018, 04:33 PM

Wendy's may have folded in Singapore in 2015, but she has most definitely been alive and well on Twitter.

The persona behind the American fast-food restaurant chain's official U.S. Twitter account has earned infamy for being snarky and sharp in their responses to Twitter users, especially when there's fodder to insult a rival fast-food chain.

Case in point: when Burger King USA tweeted about their five items for US$4 to subtly throw shade on Wendy's four-for-US$4 deal, Wendy's responded with the following:

While any other chain would be their rival, Wendy's appears to have a special fondness for roasting McDonald's — and anyone who supported them.

It soon became a thing to trigger Wendy's by tweeting questions about McDonald's, just to trigger the fieriest possible response from their Twitter account:


And then, "McDonald's Singapore" took a stab

For some reason, the person behind a verified McDonald's Singapore's Twitter account made the decision over the weekend to give Wendy's a taste of their own medicine.

They started off with the most obvious thing to roast Wendy's about — the fact that they weren't able to survive in Singapore — and posted a sarcasm-laced tweet mentioning Wendy's on Saturday, July 28.


Seeing that they were essentially taking on a Twitter giant in terms of internet savagery, at least one user was concerned.


Ooh burn.

It didn't stop there, as the account brought out a meme that, of course, mocked the demise of Wendy's Singapore outlets.


The meme is dated, but they had a solid reason for deploying it:


Little did they know, though, Wendy's was watching their every move.

DIY? Huh?

Wendy's tweet is still rather vague, so let's break it down for you.

Wendy's is poking fun at the account's attempt to emulate Wendy's signature Twitter snark and wit in interacting with customers on Twitter.

Wendy's suggestion of calling a "professional" may refer to such jokes being better done by Wendy's themselves, or they may also be saying McDonald's Singapore is in need of a better PR or social media manager.

Which makes sense, given that this particular account's Twitter following (300+) is comparatively smaller than Wendy's (2.75 million), which is the OG Twitter account that went viral with all that snark in the first place.

Now though, there are more important questions: Does "McDonald's Singapore" really miss Wendy's?

Screenshot via czm1289's Twitter

Seems like someone's gonna have to make a heartfelt phone call tonight.

[UPDATE: a spokesperson for McDonald’s has contacted us to say this twitter account, though verified, does not belong to them. The spokesperson says the company is investigating the account with Twitter.]

Top photo adapted via Wendy's and McDonald's Singapore's Twitter profiles


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