Your attitude towards employment contracts explains your attitude towards life

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Sponsored| July 28, 11:20 AM

Employment contracts are important and yet there are many of us who do not look beyond remuneration and leave days.

Which says a lot about our attitude towards life.

Why is an employment contract important?

Simple. If you are not bothered to scrutinise your employment contract, which directly affects your livelihood, then how are you going to be a responsible adult?

Employment contracts are utterly crucial because they are legally binding, meaning those documents are hard evidence should any conflict arise between you and your employer.

You know how you usually just click “agree” whenever the iTunes terms and conditions come up as you just cannot be bothered to read all that uninspiring prose? Do NOT do that with your employment contract.

If you do not understand some of the clauses (yes, even the ones in fine print), ask and clarify until you are clear before signing.

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