S'poreans screamed loudly for no reason at Hong Lim Park on Saturday evening

Life in a constant state of ennui.

Belmont Lay | April 21, 2018, 07:00 PM

A group of about 30 Singaporeans and/ or Permanent Residents showed up at Hong Lim Park on Saturday evening, April 21, to scream loudly for a few minutes and then leaving.

Screaming for no reason event

The event, which started at around 6pm, was publicised on Facebook more than a month ago on March 10.

The "Anguished, tormented screaming" group activity on Facebook had attracted more than 800 interested participants with about 160 indicating they were going.

The eventual turnout was smaller than expected though.

In the end, only about 30 showed up, demonstrating that the vast majority's actions did not speak louder than the screaming.

This was what happened at Hong Lim Park:

[video width="480" height="848" mp4="https://static.mothership.sg/1/2018/04/screaming-hong-lim-park.mp4"][/video]

No permit needed to scream

The event was organised by Visakan Veerasamy, 27.

In the lead-up to the event, Visakan said he expected only about 20 teenagers and young adults to turn up.

He also said before the event that there will be a warm-up where participants get to chit-chat beforehand, followed by the actual screaming proper.

As precaution, he applied for a police permit on March 12, but was informed that it was not required.

He had done so because he did not want the event to "get out of control or be a public nuisance".


History of screaming in public

Screaming in public in Singapore that is not tied to revolutionary action or overthrowing of any authority is not new though.

A bunch of youths really screamed like Goku from Dragon Ball at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre on Sept. 9 last year.

The “Scream like Goku! Right outside CharaExpo2017!” event took place even as it was construed to be a joke event.

For the uninitiated, the Chara Expo 2017 event was for all things Japanese: Anime, cosplay and the Albirex Niigata football team booth was there too.

In the same vein, earlier in August 2017, some fans even ran like Naruto at VivoCity.

The success of these two events also spawned others, such as bleating like a sheep at the National University of Singapore.

That event eventually did not take place as it was really a joke.

The original screaming event:


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