3rd woman accuses S’pore YouTuber Eden Ang of being very rude to her

She is calling out his obnoxiousness.

By Belmont Lay | February 12, 2018

Sticking to the ongoing calling out narrative, a Singaporean model-actress Melissa Faith Yeo has come forward with her own Eden Ang anecdote.

Although she is not accusing the YouTuber and actor of misconduct, as two other women already have (here and here), her version of events that happened in 2013 and 2014 appears to establish a pattern to his approach with regard to the opposite sex — which in this case, is tantamount to publicly accusing Ang of being very rude to women.

This is Yeo’s Facebook post put up on Feb. 10, 2018:

The one line summing up what Yeo wrote: Ang is “just a tasteless guy lacking game”.

Alleged screenshots of conversation

In the post, Yeo wrote that Ang allegedly behaved in brazen ways since several years back when he was still considered a newbie in the media industry.

But that, she claims, did not stop him from coming on too strongly.

The screenshots of WhatsApp text conversations Yeo appends to her post are allegedly from 2013.

They show Ang messaging Yeo close to midnight and demanding her attention and presence (Ang’s messages are in white):

The conversation on Yeo’s end concluded with Yeo telling Ang off, through a friend who took over from the second screenshot onwards after Yeo said she had enough.

Another alleged separate encounter in New York

A year after the 2014 text messages, Yeo says she was told of a story of another encounter, allegedly had by another girl:

“Fast forward a year later, a girl told me of this horrific occurrence with him in New York City, when he was there to learn filmmaking ON A GOVERNMENT GRANT. Being already acquainted, they met up in NYC for a meal. This girl stayed at the heart of Manhattan, where they met and shared tips about the acting industry. He then asked to use her bathroom. So she brought him up to her studio and sat on her sofa while waiting for him. When he came out, he joined her on her sofa and allegedly put his hand up her skirt. She told me she was horrified, jumped up and told him they should get back to the cafe. While they were getting food, he allegedly bragged that teenage girls would approach him on public transport, asking if they could lose their virginity to him, then proceeded to ask her why wouldn’t she sleep with him. A few days later, she told me she received his text messages calling her “spoilt” for not having sex with him.”

Yeo wrote that it was difficult to speak up about this a few years ago as Ang was part of the popular Wah!Banana video outfit.

Any attempt to do so then, she claims, might have brought out counter-accusations of trying to ride on Ang’s fame.


So far, the 31-year-old YouTuber was first accused of behaving inappropriately towards his 18-year-old personal assistant.

He has been accused of sending lewd messages, making her strip down to her underwear, and spanking her behind.

Both parties said they have filed reports with the police over the incident.

Almost a week after the first allegations surfaced online, a girl who identified herself as Lilith made a disclosure on her Instagram account to claim that she was Ang’s victim.

Subsequently, a former national gymnast Nicolette Lim then stepped forward with her own story about Ang, who apparently sent her lewd messages that commented on her pubic hair and underwear.

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Mothership has also contacted Ang to seek his response to these allegations.

Top photo via Melissa Faith Yeo’s Facebook page and Eden Ang’s YouTube channel

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