Girl allegedly sexually harassed by YouTuber Eden Ang speaks up

Meanwhile, Ang claims the accusations against him are 'hurtful' and 'false'.

Jeanette Tan | January 30, 2018, 11:59 PM

The girl at the centre of an unfolding scandal involving YouTuber Eden Ang has broken her silence and spoke up on Tuesday, Jan. 30.

Instagram disclosure

On her personal Instagram account, the girl, who identifies herself by her first name Lilith, posted a picture of a rose with a lengthy text caption.

It said she has refrained from speaking up out of fear for her safety, family and friends.

In her caption, she said there were "discrepancies" in the post from her friend, who had accused the police of turning Lilith away when she tried to file a police report against Ang, but affirmed what Ang allegedly did.

Meanwhile, Lilith's friend, whose Facebook moniker is Kuroe Kun, took her accusatory Facebook post down after the Singapore Police Force came out to debunk her claims.

Lilith said in her post she will be filing a police report "soon".

You can read about that here:

Screenshots of conversation leaked

Fellow YouTuber and radio personality Dee Kosh, who personally knows Lilith, shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp exchange over Twitter that was allegedly between the accuser and Ang.

This came about a day after posting an Instagram Live video of himself talking about the alleged harassment to his YouTube channel:

Here it is, in case you can't see it — the other screenshot he shares is from his own conversation with Ang:

Screenshot via @TheDeeKosh Twitter account


Here's the text to Lilith's post:

Screenshot via Lilith's Instagram post

"Hey everyone. My name is Lilith, and I am the victim in the Eden Ang scandal that is currently going on. I haven’t said anything so far because i’ve been scared. no, terrified by what speaking up would mean..for my safety, for my dignity, for my family and for my friends. But enough is enough.

It has recently come to light that there had been some discrepancies in the post that my friend had put out. I am here to set the record straight. Everything she said about Eden is true. He did touch me after me repeatedly telling him no, both online and offline. I will be filing a police report soon and will be unable to further comment on this issue. I encourage every girl out there who may feel the same way as i do, to please, speak out. Even if my coming out with this leads to being harassed and my safety being compromised, if I give courage to even just ONE other girl to stand up for what is right, this all be worth it. thank you for the support most of you have given me. I hope this step I take will be a step for change."

Many commenters on her post were supportive, with some using the #timesup hashtag for the movement against sexual harassment started in Hollywood:

Screenshot via Lilith's Instagram post

Screenshot via Lilith's Instagram post

Screenshot via Lilith's Instagram post

Eden Ang: I did not take advantage of anyone

Meanwhile, Ang took to his Facebook page on Sunday to write another lengthy post after his initial shorter one.

This time, he described the allegations against him as "hurtful and false", stating that he "did not take advantage of anyone".

He also said he is "seeking legal counsel against parties who continue to intentionally aggravate and hurt" him and his loved ones through the "malicious accusations".

You can see it here:

"The past 48 hours have been trying, but have also been a huge learning point for me.

Following the hurtful and false allegations, I've received messages of support from many, but also abusive comments and even death threats from a lot of other people – and it has been hurtful to me and my loved-ones.

My initial reaction was to leave this to the authorities, and have faith in the facts prevailing. I still believe in this approach, but it has also been pointed out to me that my silence could be misconstrued, especially in a sea of mixed emotions, misinformation and selected excerpts of conversations aimed at vilifying me. As such, I wanted to share my reflections as well as the facts.

I did not take advantage of anyone. I recognize that incidents like these often play out in a "he said she said" situation, but my conscience is clear and I have the records to support this. Some have pointed out that I should publicly share details to prove my position. However, I will not be sharing any further details on identity or communications out of respect for everyone's privacy. Any further discussions can be through the authorities.

As previously mentioned I have filed a report with the police and will cooperate fully as I trust in my country's authorities. I am also in the midst of seeking legal counsel against parties who continue to intentionally aggravate and hurt me and my loved ones with these malicious accusations.

I know that being in the public eye brings scrutiny and unwanted attention at times from naysayers and competitors. This is part and parcel of this profession. I also acknowledge that I am nowhere close to being perfect, but I will continue my efforts to conduct myself in a way that I can be proud of, and that people can look to.

Sexual harassment (or any form of harassment) is a serious matter. If you or anyone you know is going through it please speak up and seek help through the proper channels and authorities.

I wanted to set the record straight with this post, which will be my final post on this matter. Right now, I will continue to focus on my craft and continue to produce quality work.

Thank you to the people and brands who have stood by me throughout this episode. And thank you to my fellow believers and support from all religious groups for your prayers.

Keep Rockin' God Bless*"

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Top photo via Lilith's Instagram account