2nd alleged Eden Ang victim claims he commented on her pubic hair, offered her role wearing G-string

This allegedly happened almost 3 years ago, in 2015.

Guan Zhen Tan | February 01, 2018, 04:17 PM

Following the revelation of an 18-year-old girl who opened up with her story, a second girl is now alleging that local YouTuber Eden Ang had also sexually harassed her back in 2015.

Here's a recap of what's been going on, for those of you who have just joined us:

Who is Eden Ang?

He's a Singaporean YouTuber best known for being part of Wah!Banana, a local channel that does short video sketches.

He also acted in the MediaCorp show "Tanglin".

And why are we talking about him now?

This entire saga started on Jan. 25, when a Facebook user named Kuroe Kun claimed her friend had been harassed by Ang:

The alleged victim in question, who identifies herself by her first name Lilith, took to her personal Instagram account to affirm the claims her friend made — after Kun's allegations about her being turned away by police were publicly discredited, and then taken down:

So here's the latest development:

On Wednesday night, the second alleged victim, who goes by the name Nicolette Lim, took to Facebook with her own account of an almost equally disturbing alleged encounter with Ang (summary below):

According to Lim, she first met Ang on the set of a drama. She said he had approached her to ask if she was keen to act in his videos.

Lim did not agree straightaway, but initial exchanges between them were normal enough.


"I can see your pubic hair"

However, according to Lim, Ang's initial professionalism degenerated into verbal harassment, and she alleges the following:

  • Ang had sent Lim the following message on the day he met her on set:

    "You should learn how to sit properly, I can see your underwear that day."

  • He continued with more questions such as

    "you were wearing a beige underwear right"

    "But I can see you shave"

    "so you like to be clean huh"

  • After observing from her Facebook photos that she is a gymnast, he asked her for photos of herself doing splits. Although she felt uncomfortable with the question, she told him they were on her Facebook page.
  • Ang, apparently after looking through her photos, then allegedly texted her saying:

    "I can see your pubic hair"

  • Ang goes on to offer her to try out a "role" where Lim would be required to wear a skirt and a G-string.
  • Lim then explained that she does not have a G-string, and had never done something like that before. Ang responded with:

    "I can bring you to buy a g-string”

    “teach you how to wear”

  • In response to Ang's requests, Lim said she sent him photos of the skirts she had at home. Ang allegedly said in reply to her that they were “not short enough”.

At this point, Lim said she wanted the conversation to end, and ended up rejecting the role.

Ang, she added, then stopped messaging her accordingly.

Lim said she then deleted the conversation from her phone — hence doesn't have any evidence for her claims — explaining that "keeping the conversation meant a constant reminder of [her] stupidity".

She also stressed in her post that she is not doing this for attention or fame, and simply does not want Ang to continue harassing more girls.

Why Lim did not speak up earlier

While comments on Lim's post have been mostly supportive, some also questioned her failure to report her alleged experience of harassment to the police earlier, or even post about it till now.

In response, Lim wrote that she was "embarrassed and terrified that people wouldn’t believe [her] because h (Ang) is a social media influencer". 

Some commenters have encouraged her to file a police report about her experience, nonetheless:

P.S. Ang has acted in the long-running Channel 5 drama Tanglin. Screenshot via Nicolette Lim's Facebook post.

It is not yet clear if she plans to do so, though.

Lim's full post is below:

Hello, I am Nicolette and I was verbally harassed by Eden Ang in 2015. I kept mum because I was embarrassed and terrified that people wouldn’t believe me because he is a Social Media Influencer. But now, I’ve learnt that I should always stand up for what is right, regardless of the other party’s status or position.

I met Eden on a drama set and he asked if I was keen to act in his videos. We exchanged contact numbers via Facebook and it started out with a call from him, explaining how production works; nothing wrong there.

However, it progressed to messages like “You should learn how to sit properly, I can see your underwear that day” (referring to the day I met him on set), “You were wearing a beige underwear right?” “But I can see you shave” “So you like to be clean huh?”

He also knew I was a gymnast from my Facebook photos and told me to send photos of me in splits, to which I felt uncomfortable and told him “they are on Facebook.” He probably viewed my photos and said “I can see your pubic hair.”

He then offered me to go to his house to try out for a ‘role’ where I’m required to wear a mini skirt and g-string. When I told him that I do not have a g-string and have never done something like this before, he said “I can bring you to buy a g-string” and “teach you how to wear.” He also asked me to send photos of the skirts I have at home and I stupidly did, which he then commented “not short enough.”

At that point in time, I just wanted the disturbing conversation to end so I used my mother’s name to reject the ‘role’ he was offering. I was relieved when he stopped messaging after. Since I wasn’t going to expose him and keeping the conversation meant a constant reminder of my stupidity (this is a personal feeling), I deleted ALL messages.

Before anyone jumps into conclusion that I’m doing this for attention or fame, please let me explain that I’m sharing my story without any hard evidence because I do not want Eden Ang to continue harassing more girls, and also to give support to others who have very bravely opened up about their experiences. Thank you :-)

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Top image via Nicolette Lim's Facebook page