Suddenly, drivers in S'pore want to be pulled over by photogenic female Traffic Police officer

Watch out, traffic offenders.

Guan Zhen Tan | September 18, 2017, 05:35 PM

The official Traffic Police community Facebook page, Use Your RoadSense, is going for broke.

To add another dimension to the image of the traffic police as authority figure, they are promising to feature female Traffic Police officers.

In the first instalment of interviews, Staff Sergeant (SSGT) Stephanie Cheung, a Traffic Police Community Policing (TCOP) Officer from the Patrol Unit, has been trotted out as an expectation-defying example.

A dream come true

Image via Use Your RoadSense's Facebook post

Of course, everyone is enthralled.

Cheung, a graduate from Republic Polytechnic, reveals she was an avid rider long before she signed on, and subsequently, posted to the Traffic Police unit.

These days, she engages with the community to address traffic concerns and communicate advisories, such as how safety is of utmost importance.

Owner of a BMW bike

Being a tough as nails rider and owner of a BMW F800GS, she does have some advice for the general riding public in Singapore -- dress safely and ride defensively.

Q) Do you own a motorcycle? If you do, as a fellow rider, do you have any advice to share with the motorcycling community?

A) Yes, I own a BMW F800GS. As a motorcyclist, we should "Gear Up, Ride Safe". Unlike other vehicles, motorcyclists are not protected by the shell of their vehicles, and when involved in an accident, have the propensity to suffer greater injuries. Hence, it is even more important for a rider to wear safe. Also, always be reminded to practice defensive riding because you'll never know when you'll meet an inattentive motorist.

Image via Use Your RoadSense's Facebook post


The Internet, in love

And of course, the responses to her have been positive.

Screenshot of comments via Use Your RoadSense's Facebook post

Megawatt smile

This isn't the first time Cheung has been featured on social media though.

[email protected] had also featured her as its poster child back in July, and used photos from her sharing road safety tips with elderly Singaporeans.

Image from [email protected]'s Facebook page

Image from [email protected]'s Facebook page

Image from [email protected]'s Facebook page

Image from [email protected]'s Facebook page

Singaporeans have a penchant for good-looking officers.

Therefore, relying on one to tell you your life matters might work:

Every life matters, and my job is to reduce accidents from happening by continuously sharing good #RoadSense tips to raise awareness.

Because if you're reckless, you might still get pulled over by her.

Top image adapted via Use Your RoadSense's Facebook post

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