S’porean singer Joanna Dong thrashes opponent in Sing! China, wins 47 out of 51 votes

She sang a bilingual rendition of a Chinese jazz classic.

By Zhangxin Zheng | September 9, 2017

In the first episode of Sing! China Season Two, Joanna Dong sang a Chinese song by Taiwan music veteran Luo Dayou (罗大佑) from the late 1980s with a unique jazzy style, making Jay Chou turn around in the first minute or so.

In the latest episode of the China-based competition, she continues to impress everyone. This time, with a spectacular win.

She scored 47 out of 51 votes from a panel of industry professionals to advance to the third round of the competition.

Dong sang a bilingual rendition of the Chinese jazz classic I Want Your Love (我要你的爱) which Chou had chosen for her from a list of songs she’d put together. 

Her opponent, Chinese-American duo Frank & Annie (Chuan Hu), covered the award-winning hit Falling Slowly.  

Dong shared with TODAY in an interview that “rather than to play the novelty card (of rearranging a non-jazz song like in my blind audition), he (Chou) wanted me to take a classic in the genre, and make it stand out on my own terms.” 

Her rendition of I Want Your Love was accompanied by her trademark vocal trumpeting of the chorus of Chou’s hit Tornado (龙卷风).

However, she has revealed that both Chou and herself decided to give vocal trumpeting a break for a while.

Catch her stunning performance here:

Despite the high praises that she received, Dong rated her performance only 7 out of 10, calling a “nervous” one with “shaky bits here and there”.

She was mostly relieved that she had completed the song, which was a tricky one to perform live.

Nonetheless, she was contented that a Jazz song had won the hearts of the panel. The number of votes show that jazz is not just for a niche audience.

You can watch her equally charismatic performance on episode 1 here:

Top image from screenshot of ZJSTV Music Channel 

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