S'porean singer in Sing! China makes Jay Chou turn around in a minute

Okay lah, one minute and four seconds.

Mandy How | July 16, 2017, 02:44 PM

Ever since Nathan Hartono made his name in talent competition Sing! China and got us all that Milo, Singaporeans have been waving him around like a piece of laundry that desperately needed drying.

Now, we have a new contender in the spotlight who could well become another source of national pride.

In the first episode of Sing! China Season Two, Joanna Dong sang a Chinese song by Taiwan music veteran Luo Dayou (罗大佑) from the late 1980s with an unique jazzy style, making Jay Chou turn around in the first minute or so.

Background info: 35-year-old Dong is a local musical theatre actress and jazz singer. She has performed at various local festivals, and even released her debut Jazz EP back in 2008 (with original lyrics written in English and Mandarin), among other artistic achievements. 

Here's her segment (starting from 2:54):


Besides Chou, Hong Kong singer Eason Chan and Chinese songwriter Liu Huan also wanted her on their team, but Dong eventually made the same choice as Hartono and picked Chou as a mentor.

Will she go on to win the competition? Stay tuned.


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