S’porean boy who flipped bird on national TV now recognised internationally

He is hailed as a legend outside Singapore.

By Mandy How | August 10, 2017

This year’s National Day Parade 2017 (NDP) had many significant moments.

But none can overshadow this kid who flipped his middle finger on national television and who has become something close to a legend.

In case you want to see it again:

Global audience

Less than 12 hours of his thug life antics, the kid has made it big globally.

How big?

Like international Reddit big, with more than 26,000 upvotes on the forum thread.

Somebody explained that it took place in Singapore:

And another asked about the consequences, because Singapore:

Unfortunately, all does not end well for the kid, as the Reddit users found out:

Of course, somebody had to point out that the kid looked like he was about to flip off the adults reprimanding him:

And another user kindly obliged by photoshopping it in:

Source: /u/Fooour

Counselled and apologetic

The latest update is that the boy is a pupil from Henry Park Primary School.

The school principal said the boy is “deeply apologetic” for his action and has been counselled.


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