NDP 2017's thug life award officially goes to this kid flashing middle finger during parade

The hero we deserve.

Nyi Nyi Thet | August 09, 2017, 11:43 PM

This year's NDP has been a tad short of memes compared to previous editions.

Whether it be on-stage events, or audience members who stole the show.

Like previous years.

NDP 2017

While this year's NDP really shone during the drone segment and the fireworks display, in terms of meme-ability, it's been rather sparse.

Well, all that is gonna change, with this badass of the year.

The incident happened at the tail-end of the event.

When the event was wrapping up, and everyone was taking their bow, this young man made his presence in history felt.

Here he is, single-handedly/fingeredly, lifting up NDP 2017's quality.

[video width="352" height="640" mp4="https://static.mothership.sg/1/2017/08/middl.mp4"][/video]

Look at the surety of the hand.


However, not all's well that ends well.

Poor kid :( You will always be our hero though.

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