Presidential hopeful Halimah Yacob has advice for boy who flipped the bird at NDP 2017

Presidential hopeful advice.

By Nyi Nyi Thet | August 11, 2017

You have probably seen the video of the primary school boy flipping the bird during the National Day Parade 2017.

Well, it turns out presidential hopeful Halimah Yacob has seen it too.

In an interview with, the subject of the bird-flipping NDP boy was brought up.

And it turns out, Halimah, an experienced mother of five children, had a few words of advice for the young man, as well as his parents.

Here is the transcript: (MS): During NDP, so you watch NDP?

Halimah (H): Yes I did, I watched it twice

MS: So, during NDP, a young S’porean made a mistake on national TV…

H: Ah.. Ok.

MS: Do you have any words of advice for him?

H: *Laughs* I have a word of advice for his parents, if i could.

I’m also a mother, I’m a mother. Maybe should just call aside the boy and tell him this is not the right thing to do, and explain to him!

I think that would be the ideal. The parents would come in, counsel him, and say “look this is not the right thing to do” and why.

You need to explain why, you know.

I always feel that instilling values in young people is a job for parents.

Because they are born, and the day they were born, they were with us.

We have a duty to instil values in them, you see.

And so i think, thats what the parents should do.

MS: But how about like, to the boy himself?

H: You made a mistake, learn from it, and move on. Yeah, that’s what I would tell him.


Look out for an interview clip with Halimah Yacob later today.

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