Nasi Lemak in dessert form is another next level of Nasi Lemak

This is not real Nasi Lemak.

By Mandy How | August 10, 2017

There are plenty of Nasi Lemak creations these days.

These burgers, for instance, or fusion Nasi Lemak with grilled lobsters.

Non Entrée Desserts, however, has crossed the line from savoury to sweet to make a dessert version of Nasi Lemak:

The “rice” is made of coconut “nasi”, which has an interior of pandan mousse and gula meleka sauce.

The “hardboiled egg”, on the other hand, is created with mango yoghurt.

“kuning fish” onion tulip, as well as actual salted ikan bilis and peanuts add a savoury dimension to the dish, while “sambal chilli” comes in the form of strawberry coulis.

The dish will cost S$14.90+.

Not the first funky dessert

This is not the first time Non Entrée Desserts has come up with food that isn’t actually the food it looks like.

For example, this pear is actually a chocolate dessert in disguise:

Another famous (re)creation: Bak Chor Mee, made of mango pudding, raspberry reduction, and coconut parfait.

A Singaporean breakfast transformed into a dessert of panna cotta, ice-cream, and chocolate:

And popular snacks like Ang Ku Kueh, Tutu Kueh, Pineapple Tart, and a Gem Biscuit, re-imagined:

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Top image from Non Entrée Desserts’ Instagram

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