Preetipls issues perfect video response to S'poreans who are not woke about race

The last time we were ignorant, Mas Selamat escaped.

Belmont Lay | May 01, 2017, 09:54 PM

This article's headline could have easily been, "Indian woman issues video response..." or "Indian lady has the last say...", but we won't.

That's because Preetipls is not just an Indian woman or someone belonging to the minority.

That name ought to be on everyone's lips in Singapore because Preetipls is the best thing here since land reclamation and NEWater.

And it all started with this.

In response to Singapore's close-knit and predominantly Chinese YouTube community being not woke enough when it comes to race as it is suffering from being too insular, Preetipls, who is a breakout comedienne from nowhere with the most impeccable comic timing, came up with this response:


This video is basically everything and there is nothing more to add or subtract from it.

But if we had to spell it out for you, here are a few things you should note about it as to why it is the greatest thing this year yet:

1. In one daft sleight-of-hand, the video criticises both the people who are not woke AND the people egging Preetipls on to come up with a response -- as if responsibility in policing community norms can be transferred to her just because she is more famous AND a minority.

2. It casually invokes the link that ignorance is a national security issue: "The last time we were ignorant, Mas Selamat escaped." It is. Really.

3. The classiest part of this entire video is Preetipls saying that she will not stoop to the same level as the the not woke people by saying insensitive things about race... and then proceeding to do just that. Because, of course, the best defence is offense. (In this case, pun intended, as it is a play on "offence".)

4. The Chinese subtitles are seriously no chill and filled with inside jokes for the benefit of anyone who can read them. Self-reflexive much.

The message ultimately is clear: If you want to be politically incorrect, at least be aware that you are. And produce material that is not one-dimensional.


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