Chew Eng Han granted jail deferment, other Kongvicts look set to start prison life on Apr. 21

Still got two days.

Henedick Chng| April 19, 03:38 PM

Come Apr. 21, Chew Eng Han, one of the six convicted in the City Harvest Church (CHC) case, will not be commencing his jail term, yet. But Sharon Tan will be, it seems.

Following the High Court's decision to reduce the sentences of all six on Apr. 7, five of the of the six criminals - Kong Hee, Tan Ye Peng, John Lam, Serina Wee and Chew - were initially due to commence their respective jail terms this Friday (Apr. 21).

However, Chew, managed on Wednesday (Apr. 19) to get the court to allow him to defer his three years and four months jail term until the final stage of the CHC case in the Court of Appeal is over.

Chew told the court that he needs "time and resources" to conduct his own defence, as he is not represented by a lawyer, according to CNA. He has also said that he will be filing a criminal reference of his own soon.

Meanwhile, Sharon Tan, who had initially requested a two-month deferment on her reduced jail term because of her family's plans to move to the United States, has been allowed by the court to begin serving out her seven-month sentence earlier.

She will now be going to jail on the same day as Kong, Lam, Wee, and Tan Ye Peng - Apr. 21.

Up till the present time, Kong, Lam, Wee and Tan Ye Peng have yet to announce their next move in the long-running CHC case, which is now due to be heard in the Court of Appeal, after the Attorney General's Chambers filed a criminal reference on Apr. 10.

So, for now, it looks like five of the convicted, including Sharon Tan, will be reporting to prison on Apr. 21 in two days' time.

Nonetheless, those who have yet to make any legal moves may still do so through their lawyers, while in prison.

But time is ticking down, as they only have slightly more than two weeks left to do so. The High Court had given all parties involved one month to file an appeal to refer a question of law to the Court of Appeal.

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