#TeamKongHee rejoices as City Harvest Church leaders' sentences reduced

Little Miss Appropriates.

Mandy How| April 07, 02:47 PM

With the results of the City Harvest Church appeal out, the reduction in the leaders' sentences has been met with much disillusionment and outrage.

People of the Internet are up in arms with words like "rich people" and "injustice" declared in the same breath.

On the other hand, there are still voices of reason scattered among the enraged population, providing us with some clear-headed reasoning:

It's true, no money went missing from our accounts.

The next murderer on trial didn't touch our families either.


Some also remember to thank their creator:

Besides thanking the creator, they also remembered to thank Kong Hee himself:

Much love.


Take some time to show gratitude to the church, too:

Great work.

Kong Hee has since responded, saying he is "grateful" his sentence has been reduced.


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