Blindfolded Hong Huifang expertly scoops up pile of notes in CNY money-scooping game


Lee Wei Lin | January 26, 2023, 06:56 PM

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You might remember the money-scooping game that was all the rage last Chinese New Year (CNY).

A blindfolded individual will attempt to scoop money into a bowl or plate with utensils, usually a wok spatula.

While not as many people are playing the game this year, the results from those who have tried are still hilarious.

Organised by Jin Yinji

The game was recently played in veteran actress Jin Yinji's abode.

According to Chen Xiuhuan's Instagram post, Jin hosted a number of friends on the third day of CNY -- Jan. 24.

Jin can be seen happily spreading out a pile of S$2 and S$10 notes on a table before the game began.

Video from Shalynn Tsai's Instagram

Calvert Tay's attempt

Calvert Tay -- Zheng Geping and Hong Huifang's son -- managed to scoop a S$2 note in both his first and second attempts.

Video from Shalynn Tsai's Instagram

He wasn't that lucky during his final scoop.

This is how he reacted to winning a grand total of S$4:

Video from Shalynn Tsai's Instagram

Chen Xiuhuan gives it her best shot

The highlight of Chen's scoops was her second one:

Video from Shalynn Tsai's Instagram

However, as she tilted her bowl to allow the notes to be gathered more easily, onlookers returned her scooped notes to the table.

She eventually won S$18 without cheating:

Screenshot from Shalynn Tsai's Instagram

Hong Huifang showing us how it's done

Hong was the undeniable winner at the game. Although her first two scoops weren't the greatest, like such:

Video from Shalynn Tsai's Instagram

She did this on her final try:

Video from Shalynn Tsai's Instagram

The crowd (understandably) went wild at her success, and she was clearly taken aback too.

Video from Shalynn Tsai's Instagram

Very nice.

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