Jackson Wang fans from Thailand & the Philippines fly to S'pore just to see him at fan meeting


Lee Wei Lin | December 21, 2022, 03:49 PM

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Jackson Wang is in Singapore -- again.

The pop star has a packed schedule this time around, which includes:

  • Dec. 21 - Skin Inc presents Jackson Wang's exclusive Meet & Greet
  • Dec. 23 - "Magic Man World Tour" concert
  • Dec. 24 to 25 - Christmas In The Skies afterparty
  • Dec 26 - Album promotion event

Fans flock to Singapore

Those from around the region, including fans from Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, have travelled to Singapore just to catch a glimpse of Wang.

Photo by Russell Ang

A group of fans from the Philippines told Mothership that they flew here "to take photo with Jackson".

Thai fans -- who just saw him in Thailand during his concerts from Nov. 25 to 27 -- flew here as a show of support.

Photo by Hayley Foong

During his Dec. 21 event, which was a ticketed affair, over 50 fans of various nationalities waited outside the venue to catch a glimpse of the star.

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Top photos from Jackson Wang's Instagram & by Russell Ang