Taiwanese singer Show Luo feels 'fortunate' to perform in S'pore again after cheating scandal

Good for him.

Lee Wei Lin | Hayley Foong | October 21, 2022, 02:51 PM

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Taiwanese singer Show Luo is back in Singapore to perform at the One Love Asia Festival, which is slated to take place from Oct. 22 to 23.

This will be his first time performing in Singapore since 2017, when he was here for his Crazy World Tour Concert.

The singer stayed away from the spotlight for almost two years after infamously cheating on his then-girlfriend, Chinese influencer Grace Chow.

Performing at local Mandopop festival

The 43-year-old is set to perform on the first day of the festival, Oct. 22.

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Other performers at the event include Stefanie Sun, Namewee, Tanya Chua, WeiBird, David Tao and Yoga Lin.

F.I.R was part of the original lineup, but pulled out due to the "deteriorating health of a group member's loved one".

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Apart from performing his hit songs at the festival, Luo shared that fans can look forward to new songs, along with a series of performances that they can "dance to".

"Fortunate" to be back in Singapore

Speaking to Mothership, Luo expressed his excitement to be back in Singapore.

"I really missed eating my go-to dish here, black pepper crab. I am also looking forward to meeting my Singaporean fans again," he enthused.

Starting afresh

Luo made his showbiz comeback in November 2021 -- about 19 months after the scandal -- with a new song and music video.

He performed at the Taipei Area in July 2022.

Fans might remember his fondness for showy costumes during concerts prior to the scandal.

However, Luo explained that he wanted to focus on showcasing a stripped down version of himself, following the theme of the concert -- 羅志祥 -- his name in Mandarin.

Pre vs post-scandal outfits. Photos from Sina & Show Luo's Facebook

Jokes about himself

The variety star has had no problems poking fun at himself while referencing the cheating scandal.

Screenshots via Star ETtoday via YouTube

In a video posted by Star ETtoday, Luo shared a conversation with his former manager, Sun Derong, backstage, who asked how he could dance for such a long time while on stage.

To which he brazenly replied, "I guess the media was right, (I have) really good stamina!"

Photo via Star ETtoday/YouTube

During the concert, he also played a pre-recorded video of YouTuber Ahan Tseng mentioning Luo's "good time management skills", which could have been a reference to Luo's ex-girlfriend exposé, where she mocked him for being a master of time management.

Possibly going on Asia Tour

After attending the music festival this weekend, Luo will be continuing his concert tour.

The singer will perform at Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Nov. 12 and 18 respectively.

"I'm looking forward to hold a solo concert in Singapore in 2023, especially because Singapore is a stop that I never miss [when I go on tour]." Luo hinted.

We hear you loud and clear.

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Top photos from from Show Luo's Facebook