Show Luo's ex-gf writes open letter to him, detailing his alleged cheating in 9-year relationship

Show Luo has responded.

Mandy How | April 23, 2020, 05:02 PM

Show Luo and Grace Chow are officially no more.

While the internet has been rife with speculation about their break up (and the circumstances surrounding it) since March 2020, Chow has spilled the beans in a Weibo post.

The Chinese influencer had been dating Luo, a Taiwanese singer, for nine years.

The lengthy post, which takes the form of an open letter to Luo, details the singer's infidelities with multiple women throughout their relationship.

What happened

In the post's introduction, Chow addressed her followers:

"Show and I have broken up for some time now (I haven't said anything because of the pandemic, and I didn't want to take up public resources).

Enough time has passed that I am able to speak calmly, or even lightly about the matter.

It has also been long enough that this essay cannot be mistaken as a rash action, or an act of revenge. The following letter is for him."

In the letter, Chow wrote that their relationship fell apart when she looked at his phone.

Luo had reportedly forbidden her from checking his phone during their time together, citing mutual trust as the reason.

Chow apparently abided by this for nine years.

However, "certain reasons" eventually prompted her to look at his phone.

It was then that she allegedly discovered Luo had another phone, which he used specifically to talk to other women.

Luo would allegedly invite women to his house whenever Chow wasn't around, and visited hotels with women when he was in other cities — women that he had picked up for that purpose.

Chow said that the singer had even introduced her to the artistes in his company, including his make-up artist, all of whom Chow claimed he had improper relationships with.

Chow also alleged that Luo would regularly hold "group exercises" that are unimaginable to the average person.

Chow then lamented that she did not leave Luo the first time she caught him cheating.

She hinted that it was not the only time, as she was "always" moved by his regret and promises, and held on to the hope that he would change.

The good

Despite these incidents, Chow still believed that Luo had once loved her.

"If you didn't, why would you turn down work to spend important occasions with me, go public with our relationship, and let your friends know that you were afraid of me?"

Chow revealed that they would talk on the phone every day, even when the relationship was long past its honeymoon period.

Besides wondering why Luo would do such a thing to her, Chow also questioned where he had the time to carry out the flings, as they would only bid each other goodnight at 3-4am.

Chow wrote that she could not be a "role model ex-girlfriend", as their breakup was "extraordinary" in circumstance.

If they had broken up due to compatibility issues, or if he had fallen with another girl, that would still have been possible, she said.

She thanked Luo for their time together, which was mostly good (barring the current situation).

"If you asked whether I'm heartbroken?

I'm not, because you are not worth it at all!"

You can read the full post on Weibo here.

And here's the full translation of Chow's letter, which has been circulating online:

Luo responds

Shortly after, Luo responded to the letter on his own Weibo page.

Compared to Chow, however, his post was much shorter.

A translated version of his post has also been circulating on Twitter:


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