Show Luo disguises as street cleaner to eavesdrop on public's opinion of him in YouTube comeback

Lurking in the background.

Mandy How | March 04, 2021, 02:02 PM

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After almost one year of being an international disgrace, Show Luo is making his comeback in the form of a new YouTube channel.

The first episode of Show TV premiered on Feb. 27, and featured the Taiwanese singer going undercover as a street cleaner.

Screenshot via Show TV/YouTube

Screenshot via Show TV/YouTube

A host would then ask members of the public what they thought of the Show Luo scandal, and if they scolded Luo online.

Responses ran the gamut from encouraging to snarky, although there was significantly less of the latter in the video.

Most noted that Luo was a master of time management, alluding to the multiple affairs the celeb allegedly had. Those who were filmed answering the second question said that they did not express their vitriol online.

During the vox pop, Luo would lurk prominently in the background, often intruding upon the interviewees while still in disguise.

The singer would only "reveal" himself after the interviewees have given their honest take on him.

Screenshot via Show TV/YouTube

Encouragement was met with hugs and handshakes, while one woman who asked Luo not to be "such a scumbag" screamed "sorry" upon seeing Luo.

Screenshot via Show TV/YouTube

Screenshot via Show TV/YouTube

Screenshot via Show TV/YouTube

Luo responded that he wanted to hear something honest, and promised to change.

You can watch the 12-minute video here:

YouTube users, however, are convinced neither by Luo's return nor demonstration of honesty.

"Why do I feel that the most honest opinion is in the comments section [of the internet] XD," one user wrote.

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Top image via Show TV/YouTube