Stranger tells Glenn Yong his TikToks are 'cringe', celeb urges public to 'spread love, not hate'

He also hopes his fans are not affected by the hate comments.

Fasiha Nazren | October 16, 2022, 06:58 PM

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With more public events these days, people are getting more opportunities to get up close and personal with celebrities in Singapore.

Singaporean actor Glenn Yong's experience with a person who approached him, however, wasn't as peachy.

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Rude encounter

The "Ah Girls Go Army" (AGGA) star shared his "rude" encounter on Oct. 15 via some Instagram Stories.

Yong said that he was at a birthday celebration and was introduced to some people from another table when a person approached him and said loudly: "Eh, you're the Glenn Yong right? I saw you on TikTok, your videos damn cringe sia."

The person apparently added that the AGGA movie was "[very] cringe" and the cast's live singing of the theme song was "damn awkward".

While Yong added a disclaimer that he is fine with constructive criticism and feedback, he found the person in the above-mentioned incident to be "straight up rude".

"It's my first time meeting you. Didn't even introduce yourself and you're saying this to me in (sic) my face. It doesn't matter whether I'm a celebrity or not. You don't talk like that to people. Especially someone you've just met for the first time."

He also said that this incident made him realise that it's people like them that cause others to be afraid to "express themselves".

"If you don't like it, then just don't watch and scroll past," he said.

He urged the public to "spread love, not hate".

Haters mocking fans

In a second Instagram Story, Yong shared that there have been "haters" mocking his fans, apparently insinuating that they "think [they] K-pop".

For context, his fans have appeared at events like the recent Lancôme and Cartier event to support their idol.

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To celebrate his 26th birthday, Yong's fan club commissioned a billboard display at City Hall MRT station.

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Addressing the hate, he said: "When people don't support local, y'all sh*t on local artistes. Now we have people supporting local artistes, y'all start sh*tting on it as well."

He also acknowledged that one can never please everyone and to be kind to the people around you.

In a note to his fans, he said:

"To my fans, I appreciate you so much and I hope you're not too affected by the nasty comments. Love you guys."

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